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    “Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as ‘social media.” — Edward Snowden For the last 24-months, POW has been in transition mode to leave Facebook for ELLO. We have successfully established POW on ELLO with more than 20k followers and have established ourselves within the community with the music we report and the events we create all for free. There are two reasons why we started this exodus. 1) Organic reach in the news feed is cost prohibitive even with our large audience and network in the music industry we’ve gained over the years. 2) Unquestionable information gathering and this month is no exception with an unauthorized leak. POW has…

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    This is the first radio show about me stepping down from POW MAGAZINE after seven years. I explain why I am leaving POW magazine. A successor has been chosen and will be announced on the 15th of April. Dennis Gonzales Founder of POW 2011 ~ 2018 Pow Magazine celebrates its seventh year! Kim Walter from KZSU Stanford host a 35 minute program with the founder of POW MAGAZINE, Dennis Gonzales. From live music from Gathering of The Tribes #2 to live shows from POW and new music (Jimmy Dias, Daydream Machine, The Urges, The Asteroid No.4, The Green Door) plus what’s next for POW!

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    New Noise From The North: POW Magazine Reviews The Orange Kyte Says Yes!

    What began mainly as a solo experimental music project in 2016 has transformed into something much greater. Stevie Moonboots began recording as The Orange Kyte in 2016, with his intention being to release a new single each month over the course of the entire year. He soon began collaborating with various musicians on each release, evolving The Orange Kyte into a constantly changing, but fully formed group effort. In 2017, Moonboots and the revolving cast of Orange Kyte members would release their debut album, Grow It Right, which established their place in the psych scene and cemented the group’s current lineup. Yesterday, March 16th, The Orange Kyte released their second…