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    New Single: The Pre-Fab Messiahs “(Don’t Give Up On) Beautiful Things”

    Longtime POW pals The Pre-Fab Messiahs have released a new single today. The band blasts away the 21st century blues with their rocking new single and video, “(Don’t Give Up On) Beautiful Things.” Combining incessant guitar riffs, trippy electro gewgaws, and an irresistibly hookwormy chorus, it’s a modern love song to getting down and not giving up! Dig the video below, and have a groovy weekend everyone!

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    POW x Mantis, 1/13/2019

    POW editor Sheena Salazar caught up with Portland’s Mantis about their newest member, and their upcoming (maybe) album release. Follow Mantis: https://mantis666.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/mantis-portland https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBX… https://www.facebook.com/mantisportland/ @mantisportland

  • Joshua Cook & The Key Of Now
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    Steve Courtney’s Album Review of Delta Spirit from Joshua Cook and the Key Of Now

    Obviously, the blues is a genre defined by its limitations. Like a sonnet or a villanelle, there are strict guidelines in place that define the artform.  There are roughly 25 ‘classic’ blues songs, and artists have been reworking those same forms for a couple of centuries now.  If you go to any blues bar in America, you’re going to hear songs built on these same familiar songs, structures, and chord progressions.  What makes modern blues interesting then, is when an artist brings something *new* while working within the form. The new record from Joshua Cook & The Key Of Now, “Delta Spirit,” is labeled in the “blues-psych” vein, but it…

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    Discography Biography #3: Nick Saloman

    It’s 2019, and it’s time for the newest installment of Discography Biography- POW’s monthly look into the mind, and the record collection of a various musician. For those who aren’t familiar with how it works, here’s a quick rundown: As any music lover knows, there’s a huge difference between “desert island discs”, favorite records, most influential records, etc. The ones that interest me the most are the ones that are the most personal- the albums that define who you are, the ones that could be called the soundtrack of your life. Every month here on POW, I’ll be talking to a different musician about the top 3 albums that make…