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    Melt Into Poetic Psychedelic Rock With Agouti Nodes

    Agouti – Nodes Agouti Node is a dream pop stroll through indie, alternative and psychedelic rock. The band is fronted by producer and songwriter Carmen Caruso on lead vocals and bass. The vocals are forefront with layered rock and indie styled vocals that come through with clarity and strength. The arrangements are psychedelic with swirling synth, layered vocal harmonies, overdriven guitar lines and steady driving bass and drums. The sound balances psychedelic rock with pop sensibilities for a charming album with wonderful arrangements and catchy songs. Agouti is from San Francisco, California and is the project of Carmen Caruso. Agouti is inspired by the 60s and 70s psych rock with…

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    Like many of our staff, I have been a fan of Joel Gion and the Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM) for many, many years. Seven years ago, I saw Joel play live without the BJM for the first time. He was performing as Joel Gion and The Primary Colours. The band performed in my hometown of San Jose, California at a local venue. It was a groovy night, in an intimate open space with bar and dining. I recall The Primary Colours were tight – flowing with jangly pop sounds and melodic psych vibes. I was digging Joel’s new music, and I asked him after the show, “How long had his…

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    Joel Gion: The POW Interview

    Anton's songwriting that longevity-wise, we are starting to (gulp) become the Rolling Stones of indie psych rock or something. The big difference is, at this point in the Stones career they were turding out Voodoo Lounge, where as Anton is right now today at a creative spike.