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    Vibravoid Zeitgeist Generator is Psychedelia At Its Finest

    Vibravoid Zeitgeist Generator Vibravoid Zeitgeist Generator Vibravoid Zeitgeist GeneratorVibravoid Zeitgeist Generator Vibravoid’s music is a drug in the genre of Op Art Rock originating in Düssedorf, Germany. The music has classic psychedelic effects powered by acid rock. Zeitgeist Generator has classic 60s fuzzes, echoes, reverbs, tremolos, reverse and repeaters the tones are warm and compelling and the album sounds like a liquid light show. The swirling backdrops and shimmering trailing effects carry the mind into distant inner spaces while transmitting catchy and groovy songs with melodies and vocals. Vibravoid is well-known for their live performances during the largest psychedelic rock festivals in Europe and Germany including in their hometown of…

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    Story by: Kurt Johnson Photos by: Kurt and Linda Johnson Videos by: Kurt Johnson On Friday and Saturday the 15th and 16th October 2021, the Huichica Music Festival took place at the Gundlach Bundschu Winery located in Northern Califonia’s world famous Sonoma Valley. The Huichica festival (Pronunciation: Wha-Chee-Ka) is a music, wine and food festival that has been a leader within the realm of the new “Micro-Festival”concept. The idea is that wine, food and music situated in a beautiful and relaxing outdoor location where all visitors enjoy an intimate and warm setting. Combined with musical selections that are particularly chosen for just such an atmosphere, Gundlach Bundschu Winery provides the…

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    Glöbia & The Cosmic Dead beg the question, do we need rocket ships to explore space or is there another way?

    This is an intergalactic hyperspace exploration using sound and inner vision brought to you by Glöbia from Italy and Scottish heavy psych band, The Cosmic Dead. Both these bands ride the cosmic waves of in-the-moment inspiration and thrive in warm analogue tones using a classic progressive rock line-up with guitars, drums, bass and synth, keyboards and or organs.