About Pow Magazine

What is POW Magazine?

In 2011, Dennis Gonzales partnered with local college station KFJC 89.7 FM to present a radio documentary about the fanzine titled “The POW Magazine Anthology,” which aired over the course of two nights and featured recorded interviews and videos from the POW archives. The documentary was created with the help of disc jockeys at KFJC and took several months, involving the digitization of cassettes and music research, as well as thorough editing of audio and video footage from several years prior. The program sparked a renewed interest and excitement in POW and in the local music scene. This led to the revival of POW on April 15, 2011, establishing a website and social media presence for a wider, global audience.

POW’s new manifestation aspired to become a collective and brand committed to bringing the local, U.S. and international music and art scenes to the attention of those unaware. Initially, POW focused mainly on the music scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an emphasis on underground rock ‘n’ roll, experimental rock, shoegaze, psych, 60s garage, and various obscure sounds.

Now in its 6th year, POW Magazine has established itself as a global source for music, art, film, and culture. Music remains at its core, with record reviews, live performance videos, artist interviews, and coverage of music festivals all regularly shared on POW’s site and social media pages. By meeting and celebrating up and coming acts, POW aspires to help artists grow and expand their horizons via social media outlets, interviews, video documentation, and live events.

POW staff currently includes writers and contributors from all over the world, who each bring their own unique perspectives and passion for music. In addition to the POW website, POW is also present on social media platforms including Ello, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and the POW following continues to grow every day.

If you want us to review your band, show, festival, art, or political event, please contact us at info@powmagazine.org and we will reply as soon is possible. Due to the heavy flux of e-mails received globally, we do ask for your patience on hearing back from us. Please review our website before you submit your music. Your music may not fit our magazine.

Thank you.

Dennis Gonzales

Founder/Owner, POW Magazine


Sheena Salazar

Managing Editor, POW Magazine