Long live Wolfmother- Long Live Rock and Roll: An Interview with Andrew Stockdale

I think we all remember where we were when Wolfmother’s Woman came out. For me, it was like all my fantasies of 70s rock bands coming back and saving me from the mundane early 2000s music scene had manifested through some magical, unbelievable group called Wolfmother. Rock and Roll was begging for the return of some psychedelic heaviness, and when Wolfmother came onto the scene the rock gods rejoiced.

In case you need some reminding…

Well I bet its not hard to believe that frontman and founder of the group, Andrew Stockdale, is a pretty cool guy.

Not only does he have a really refreshing view of rock and roll and the industry,  he is also really down to earth and knows how to tell a good tale or two.

When it comes to producing the music we’ve come to know and love, Andrew is the mastermind behind it all.

He writes all of the songs and for the most part plays all of the instruments on the demos himself, later to have other musicians learn and imitate what he’s come up with.

He likes to take a very relaxed and natural approach to creating music, and is currently writing new material for an upcoming album.

Listening to Wolfmother’s latest album feels as if a musical army is invading your soul- it’s intense and passionate, but it feels good.

Check out Victorious from the newest album:

The magic of Wolfmother is their ability to capture that unmistakable, powerful 70s energy in their music- the kind that makes your jaw drop when you hear it.

It probably helps that Andrew has this unforgettable positive, uplifting energy that he’s able to share with the audience through his performances. If you can go out and see him live, you really should.

He reminds us what rock and roll is all about it; he has a very playful view of the world, and at the end of the day just wants the audience to enjoy the music and have a good time.

Listen to our interview below: We talk about past lives, how fame changes the way people treat you, and why rebelling against the man could mean buying a Tesla.

Review written by Isabella Moulton– a stylist and designer by day, and aesthetic aficionado by night. For inquiries, please contact her at: | Keep it groovy <3

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