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Review of The Pink Elephants “Liquid Illusions” by Grace Dunn

 Liquid Illusions by The Pink Elephants

Liquid Illusions
by The Pink Elephants


Peter’s vocals on Frankie Teardrop (Suicide cover) is a stand out. More weight is added to the sound with synth and drum beat that feel like some dark skipping along the desolate reaches of sinister afterthoughts.  There are more elements added that take away from how songs on the Suicide album have a stripped simplicity of echoing whispers. Suicide has that appeal in the way their self titled album is layer out. Visions emerge of taking a walk down a foggy amber lit road at the back of your mind that is hissing with troubled thoughts.
This entire play through of ‘Liquid Illusions’ has a mellow drug induced day dream feel throughout, but stand out tracks such as “After All, It Is February” have a driving catchy beat that is tied together with organ and Jesse James vocals give it a bright sounding baroque pop feel. The drums and tambourine percussion appeal to BJM methadone melodies.
Pink’s dream delves deeper into VHS 80s horror appeal and Videodrome quality of sound. I am reminded of The Soft Moon, however, slower and more deconstructed with the stretched out vocals.
Ode to Street Hassle has that spoken word of Lou Reed feel, but added atmosphere with eighties synth and percussion rather than the original flowing organ that feels could’ve existed at anytime any haunting place in the recesses of a memory.
Undercurrents have a sobbing throb of a beat that keep you drenched in synth. You can imagine some twilight through a window in a cabin by a lake in the woods if you like. Watery vibes.

Grace is a Los Angeles-based photographer that has contributed to Pow Magazine since 2015. In 2015, she contributed photo feature on Death Valley Girls for CSUN Sundial, her college newspaper. She specializes in interviews/photography for local and traveling bands in LA. She works in digital and film format. She has participated in side poster promotion volunteer work for Austin Psych Fest and Desert Daze, contributed to A LOVE THAT'S SOUND (Vancouver, BC based) for Desert Daze media coverage, and recently JANKY SMOOTH (LA) media coverage of LEVITATION 2019. She has an affinity for new found music based out of labels like Captured Tracks, Permanent Records, Dais Records, Fuzz Club Records, In The Red Records, Astrolizard Records, BuFu Records to name a few. She continues to seek out emerging bands to catch her interest ranging from garage bratty punk rock n roll to electro/synth noise.