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    “The Ashes” Inspire: Alex E.T.

    August 29, 2021. Los Angeles, CA The gentle jangle announces the entry of the Renaissance Parlor. There are no casual shoppers at Coventry Village’s Renaissance Parlor – only the coolly serious in search of pristine paisley, faded denim, and worn leather. Tidy displays of autographed records and rock fliers complete the space as the Velvets drift off into the ether…

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    Rose City Band: Earth Change Country Trip

    July 5, 2021. Cleveland. In the vacuum of COVID space, Rose City Band formed “Earth Trip”, an eight-song paean to the restorative power of our planet. With hushed reflectivity and quiet celebration, “Earth Trip” bears the country-fried taste of pedal steel and harmonic mandolin. The theme of “Earth Trip” is simple: Connect to the rhythms of nature.  The music of…

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    Like many of our staff, I have been a fan of Joel Gion and the Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM) for many, many years. Seven years ago, I saw Joel play live without the BJM for the first time. He was performing as Joel Gion and The Primary Colours. The band performed in my hometown of San Jose, California at a…

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    Joel Gion: The POW Interview

    Anton's songwriting that longevity-wise, we are starting to (gulp) become the Rolling Stones of indie psych rock or something. The big difference is, at this point in the Stones career they were turding out Voodoo Lounge, where as Anton is right now today at a creative spike.

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    Incoming! Asteroid No. 4: Northern Songs

    Defying definition, psychedelic rock exists across a mind-bending spectrum of sound and interpretation. Born from the reconciliation of volume, effects, reverb, and joy, psych rock married post war optimism with misfit counterculture. Their children, a strange brew of electrified folk and barroom boogie-woogie, spawned countless manifestations. Each artist, each era, each scene added its innovation to stretch the genre. Hawkwind…