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    California Jangle from Across the Pond- 2 New Singles from The Gabriel’s Dawn

    Spring is here, and so is new sunshiney, twangy 70s pop from The Gabriel’s Dawn. 2 new singles have recently been released- “Loose Canyon” and “We” The band have all known each other socially for years. Gudg and Fran had some songs and they asked Leon if he fancied adding some guitar and soon after Stuart jumped on board and The Gabriel’s Dawn were officially born in 2020. Despite hailing from England, the band’s sound carries a clearly Californian influence- jangly Byrds style guitars, an early 70s folky, country-ish vibes all around. Gudg’s vocals are a warm, pure sound reminiscent of groups like The School or Camera Obscura, and a…

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    Quarantine Listening Selections: 3 New Releases From Hypnotic Bridge Records

    Hypnotic Bridge is really what’s happening. Continually putting out some of the grooviest new music in their signature small batch singles, Stu and the gang have become a go-to for great new releases. Here, we feature their 3 newest, from The Flower Machine, The Asteroid No. 4 and Sacred Orange. The Flower Machine: “Through A London Window” b/w “One In A Million” Inspired in part by the 1966 film Blow Up and recorded in a warehouse in San Luis Obisbo on a vintage 8 track machine, The Flower Machine’s A Side “Through A London Window” is part Syd Barrett, part Paisley Underground. There’s also something about the prominent tambourine, the…

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    Gallery/Video: The Jackets Live in Portland

    The Jackets made their only Pacific Northwest stop on their recent US tour in Portland, OR on February 19th. POW was there to capture the action. Check out a live performance of “In My Mind” below, and see the full gallery from the show at the bottom of the page. Created by Codegena. All photos by Kurt Johnson. Follow The Jackets and buy “Queen of The Pill”: https://the-jackets.bandcamp.com/album/queen-of-the-pill

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    New Week, New Release: The Cool Whips’ “And Other Delights”

    And Other Delights is the 3rd full length album from The Cool Whips. Though the title was a missed opportunity for the band to cover themselves in cool whip a la Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass’ iconic album cover, the albums cover does feature a painting of the band done by local Portland artist Simran Narmis. The new album, And Other Delights is a light-hearted and upbeat trip through some of the essential sounds and melodies of early to mid-sixties pop, and it is a lot of fun to listen to. From the songwriting, with its catchy choruses and sugary hooks, to the production which was done in mono…

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    New Week New Release: 2 New Phenomenal Singles From Hypnotic Bridge Records

    Along with the Australian fires, the potential of WW3, and the Coronavirus, January of 2020 brought me a broken tooth which has resulted in a great deal of pain. Luckily, January also brought me 2 new incredible releases from the always groovy Hypnotic Bridge records- the first, from Dutch quintet The Small Breed, and the second, from the Boston psych rockers Magic Shoppe. Both of these singles are truly phenomenal, even when enjoyed through my doped up dental state. Music is truly the best medicine. The Small Breed: “An Elderflower Parliament” b/w “Figures Made Of Sound” Reflecting not the brash waxen beauty of the obsequious tulips of Keukenhof, but the…