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    Bali Yaaah A Synthesis Of Early and Contemporary Psychedelia

    Bali Yaaah Lost Behind The Clouds Lost Behind The Clouds is the strongest collection of songs to date from Bali Yaaah. This album is a perfect entry point for new listeners and will be a favorite for fans. Their songwriting, sounds, production, skill and creative expression is in top form. They are able to move closer to popular music compositions while retaining their too-cool underground art-house aesthetic. They sacrifice nothing retaining the dark vibes of their early music and simultaneously finding joy and light-hearted sounds for the butterflies among us. Lost Behind The Clouds is the first full-length album from Bali Yaaah. The vinyl and streaming are available on December…

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    The Ophelias Bare Bodkin is Theatrical Madness

    The Ophelias Bare Bodkins The Ophelias Bare Bodkins was released in 2022 as a compilation of their past music. The Ophelias are a San Francisco band that released their first album in 1987. Their albums were psychedelic inspired music with hints of Bowie, Syd Barrett, with acid folk and rock opera theatrics. Bare Bodkin laced with madness that is eclectic, dramatic, and utterly unique. The Ophelias released a self titled debut in 1987 on Strange Weekend Records followed by The Night of Halloween EP, Oriental Head and The Big O in the following years on Rough Trade records. in recent years the band has revived their music releasing Out Of…

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    RoseInStereo – Lost Hits EP

    This EP has a contemporary feel with West Coast sounds from the late 80s and 90s. The chorus guitars, single note melodies, thoughtful rhythm and the calm and laid back male vocals define their sound. They take on a slow smooth groove with psychedelic meloncholy.