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    Acid Test Presents: Dakila, BOLERO! & Tabernacle with The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show

    Saturday, January 8th 2022 Acid Test Presents: Dakila, BOLERO! & Tabernacle, located at the Rickshaw Stop amongst modern sheik high rise apartments, theaters, and the gold plated San Francisco City Hall. The Rickshaw Stop is decorated with a dark wild octopus mural in stark contrast to the upscale surroundings. Stepping inside the misfit venue it was clear this night was dedicated to classic psychedelic San Francisco arts, music and culture. The venue’s walls, ceiling, and floor were animated with stunning live liquid light, vividly coating the space. The live light show was by none other than The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show led by Lance Gordon, who created light shows…

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    Balduin She’s The One

    Balduin’s music has creative freedom on each note and feels open and uplifting. The album is very positive and playful, bringing to mind the optimism of the 60s 'Summer Of Love'. The album feels like it came from the start of the psychedelic genre while incorporating contemporary influences.

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    Loop Sonancy

    Loop Sonancy “My motto has always been ‘Forward’ and I always try to do something new with each record. I always try to push different influences in there. Specifically for this record, I wanted to counter the idea of the ‘Array’ EP, on which all the tracks were longer and drawn out. They still had the motorik element of bands like Neu! and CAN, but LOOP’s always had that. With ‘Sonancy’ I also wanted to take a post-punk sound, spin it on its head and mix it with a psych influence. A total gumbo. Which has always been LOOP, this mash up of spicy rhythms.” -Robert Hampson (Loop) Loop of…

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    Vibravoid Zeitgeist Generator is Psychedelia At Its Finest

    Vibravoid Zeitgeist Generator Vibravoid Zeitgeist Generator Vibravoid Zeitgeist GeneratorVibravoid Zeitgeist Generator Vibravoid’s music is a drug in the genre of Op Art Rock originating in Düssedorf, Germany. The music has classic psychedelic effects powered by acid rock. Zeitgeist Generator has classic 60s fuzzes, echoes, reverbs, tremolos, reverse and repeaters the tones are warm and compelling and the album sounds like a liquid light show. The swirling backdrops and shimmering trailing effects carry the mind into distant inner spaces while transmitting catchy and groovy songs with melodies and vocals. Vibravoid is well-known for their live performances during the largest psychedelic rock festivals in Europe and Germany including in their hometown of…