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Australian Electro-Rockers The Citradels Cast a Dreamy Haze

The Citradels newest single ‘To Antares‘ from their upcoming album Contactor will be available on April 9th 2022 both audio and video.

The band was founded by Sunny Down Snuff in 2010 as an outlet for his home recordings. They were originally inspired by 60s garage rock and reveled in retro sounds, sunshine pop and reverb heavy production. The Citradels have changed and evolved over the years and the upcoming album Contactor embraces their affinity for analogue sounds and vintage psychedelia but this time with a futurist electronic foundation.

Their debut full-length album Psychotic Syndrome was released in 2013. They are a self-described collective of musicians with many different line-ups throughout the years. The 11th upcoming album Contactor is set to release later in 2022 and it focuses their sound on chill songs with luscious atmospheres and quality production. They recorded during the pandemic building a modular synth and creating music around warm analogue sounds.

The Citradels latest electronic rock has organs, synth, reverb vocals and groove oriented drum and bass. ‘To Antares’ is the first single and it has droning tones with walking bass lines and smooth electronic textures. The vocals are soothing and laid back with psyched out indie tones. This single will appeal to fans of Tame Impala, and hazy indie and psych rock that embraces the electro rock scene. The organs adds a retro flare while the synth firmly plants the music in contemporary sounds.

Their second single ‘Juniper’ will be released on April 30th with an accompanying music video from Guy Tyzack who has worked with Melbourne’s King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard. This track has a dreamy sound and has upbeat rhythm with chill wave synth backing. The vocals ride over the instrumentation with simple yet effective melodies that compliment the sustained feel of the musical arrangement. The song has a positive impact with warm cooing synth and floating, relaxed vocals like a quiet, cool day in the sun.

The Citradels have released many enjoyable albums and songs over the years and have been featured on several compilations. Melbourne Australia is a hot bed for garage rock, psych rock and new indie sounds with many awesome bands including King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, The Murlocs, Babe Rainbow, Kimono Drag Queen, Turtle Skull, Black Heart Death Cult, Dreamtime, Comacozer and many more.

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