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Another PNW New Release: The Orange Kyte’s “Carousel”

Halloween may be over, but we’ve still got 1 treat for you this week. Vancouver BC’s The Orange Kyte have returned with Carousel, 10 tracks of glorious psyched up lo-fi garage out now on Little Cloud records.

Carousel picks up where 2018’s The Orange Kyte Says Yes! left off, with the band’s signature lo-fi dirty garage psych sound and overdriven vocals. Carousel adds in some new grooves however, occasionally veering into post-punk, new wave, and even vaguely powerpop territories.

Some of the album’s hippest grooves are the album opener “Masquerade” which is punked up garage cool with tinges of Roxy Music thrown in via the prominent sax, the uber catchy “Infinity Rope” with it’s poppy choruses and organ hooks fully laced in psychedelia, and the punk boogie “Sea of Love/Ocean of Hate”, which somehow makes me want to pogo and drop acid all at the same time- dig the wild bass and rhythm changes in this one!

The production of the album is great- it sounds like the band is playing live at a house show or something (maybe the one depicted in the “Masquerade” video above?), and I love it. It fits the vibe and the aesthetic perfectly, and adds a raw, dirty sexiness to the whole record. Carousel is a blast and you won’t be disappointed. This ones all treat, no trick.

You can get Carousel here

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