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POW Magazine Reviews Dion Lunadon

That awkward moment when you discover the album you’re reviewing is the solo project of a musician who not only played in one of your most-listened to bands during high school, but also currently plays bass in a band that’s been extensively covered by the site you write for…

Dion Lunadon is most well known for his roles in the rock n roll kiwis The D4, and more recently as bassist for noise rockers (and POW favorite!) A Place To Bury Strangers. I however, was completely unaware of this when I heard Lunadon’s track “Reduction Agent”. I was simply so impressed that I immediately contacted him about doing a review.

Lunadon recorded his self titled album in between APTBS’ extensive tour schedule- it was released in June 2017 on Agitated Records. The album also features former APTBS bandmate Robi Gonzales on drums, as well as appearances from Bambara’s Blaze Bateh and producer Chris Woodhouse (Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees).

Although I’m embarrassed to admit my naivety regarding Lunadon’s musical resume, I’m glad that I was able to experience his solo release without any expectations or comparisons. Dion Lunadon (S/T) is made up of 11 tracks of heavily distorted garage-punk, thrown into a blender with bits of industrial, psych, blues, and even krautrock. The result is 30 mins of dark, sexy rock n roll that never leaves us bored. Driving around listening to it made me feel like a badass- I also felt the need to don dark sunglasses and smoke clove cigarettes.

Standout tracks on the LP include the heavy garage-fuzz of “Reduction Agent”, previously released single “Howl”, and the unexpected rockabilly blues of “Ripper”. However the album’s best track by far is “Fire”- a catchy triumph of garage-psych full of droning organ, searing guitar solos and Lunadon’s aggressive, nearly primal, vocals punctuating the chorus.

Dion Lunadon (S/T) is available for purchase or download here

Watch the video for “Howl”:

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Written by Sheena Salazar for POW Magazine

Sheena Moore was raised in a rock n roll household- almost everything cool that she knows she learned from her dad. She spent some time playing organ and bass in bands, but stopped to pursue a career in fashion, both as a model and a designer. Sheena has always been extremely passionate about both music and fashion, particularly from the 60s era. Her enthusiasm for music as well as her connections to music scenes all over the west coast led her to joining the POW team in 2016, writing record reviews and covering shows such as Portland’s Nuggets Night. She currently splits her time between her day job at a bra company, working as a model, and writing for POW. Sheena resides in Portland, OR but she’s constantly traveling all over the west coast, and tries to find record stores, vintage shops and hip live shows wherever she goes.