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POW Magazine Reviews The Chemistry Set- The Endless More and More

The Chemistry Set are veterans of London psych scene, forming in the midst of the garage revival of the 80s and gaining international fame via their multiple flexi-disc releases. After taking a hiatus throughout the 90s, the band was reformed in the early 2000s and have since released 3 CDs: Alchemy #101, This Day Will Never Happen Again, and Chemistry Is Just Numbers, plus 5 vinyl singles and 5 compilation appearances. The band also appeared on stage for the first time in 14 years in 2010, and have since made appearances at several European festivals.

2016 saw the release of The Endless More and More, an album which according to the band was the result of several years worth of creating and fine tuning:

“We honed the songs down further by recording demos, pausing, reflecting and then revisiting to add or take away elements. We went into the studio this April and worked on and off for 4 months. In fact this is the first time in our history that we have left the studio and been 100% happy with the recordings.”

The Chemistry Set SHOULD be happy with their recordings- the album is phenomenal. The Endless More and More is pure and beautiful pop psychedelia, with songwriting that would make John Lennon and Arthur Lee proud. Opening with the jubilant “Splendor Of The Universe”, the album carries a radiant, sunny vibe all throughout and is packed full of Beatles-esque harmonies, jangly psych-pop guitars, classic Farfisa organ, and vocal hooks. Though there is a clear 60s inspiration, nothing on this album sounds dated- through the use instruments and methods old and new, each track sounds modern and fresh. The time that The Chemistry Set spent perfecting the album pay off in a big way- all 12 tracks are brilliantly crafted and seem carefully planned, nothing on the album feels accidental or thrown together. The pace and flow of the album is spot on. Stand out tracks include the supersonic “Fountains of Neptune”, which is immediately followed by the trippy and seductive “Time To Breathe”, as well as the full-blown LSD trip aptly titled “Albert Hoffman”, the Beach Boys esque powerpop of “International Rescue”, and the hypnotic tribal psych drone of the album’s closer “The Open Window”.

The Endless More and More is without a doubt the pinnacle of The Chemistry Set’s discography thus far, and a perfect introduction for new listeners. Released in January 2016, the album sold out on vinyl in less than 48 hours, a testament to the quality of the album and to the adoration of the band’s fanbase. And there’s a new release from The Chemistry Set coming soon- this spring the band went back into the studio to record a new single, with 2 new songs and a cover of The Moody Blues’ psychedelic classic “Legend of a mind”. The single will be released on vinyl in September 2017 on Fruits de Mer records (expect it to sell out quickly!). The band will also be celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2018, and we’ve been told to expect some special things. POW will be looking forward to it, boys!

Experience the incredible cover of “Legend Of Mind” before its September release (POW Pro Tip: Indulge in some mind-altering substances first. Give yourself the proper experience. We won’t tell.):

Plus get your fix of The Chemistry Set by streaming The Endless More and More and other past releases here:

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Written By Sheena Salazar

Sheena Moore was raised in a rock n roll household- almost everything cool that she knows she learned from her dad. She spent some time playing organ and bass in bands, but stopped to pursue a career in fashion, both as a model and a designer. Sheena has always been extremely passionate about both music and fashion, particularly from the 60s era. Her enthusiasm for music as well as her connections to music scenes all over the west coast led her to joining the POW team in 2016, writing record reviews and covering shows such as Portland’s Nuggets Night. She currently splits her time between her day job at a bra company, working as a model, and writing for POW. Sheena resides in Portland, OR but she’s constantly traveling all over the west coast, and tries to find record stores, vintage shops and hip live shows wherever she goes.