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The New Candys ‘Begin Again’ Is A Compelling New Single

New Candys ‘Begin Again’ From The Upcoming Album Vyvyd

New Candys of Venice, Italy have released the first single from their upcoming album Vyvyd titled, “Begin Again”. This song reflects to isolation, distance and moody atmospheres of the 2020 lifestyle. The guitars are reverb heavy, the vocals are smooth and meaningful. The band stretches their creative skill by combining psych, shoegaze and adding a pinch of post rock into their sound. The overall mood is disillusion which expressed with refinement and clarity in what might be their most accessible and compelling song to date.

New Candys have a history of pushing the envelope in the shoegaze scene engaging in drone, psychedelic jams and noisey art rock. ‘Begin Again’ takes the bands artistic underground style and molds it into a refined form. This songs has breathing room, rich sonic atmospheres and smooth vocals that will pull on your heart strings. They approach ‘Begin Again‘ with clarity and without sacrificing their signature edgy tonality. ‘The latest single feels like it could reach a wider audience relative to their past works but they do so without leaving their long time fans behind.

Begin Again’ casts a spell of excitement for the new record Vyvyd. The forlorn sound is highly effective, emotionally sensitive and relatable. The cold reverbs and background spaces that encapsulates the music are familiar and summarizes the sense of uncertainty in these times.

The songs has two sections the first half is lead by a repeating guitar riff and swirling background textures created by extended reverbs and delays. The voice enters with confidence and feeling. The vocal melody is well paced and melodic. The lyrics, “I’m back again in your head because I forgot what’s in there… I take it in. There I go once again.”

The singer and guitarist Fernando Nuti suggests that a cycle is repeating inside his head. A desire to connect to the other and recognize their thoughts. The restless longing to know another person better and the repeated feeling of falling short of the desired understanding. The music perfectly matches the mood of the lyrics for a compelling listening experience.

The second half of the song brings the focus to the instrumentation. The vocals end and the guitars or perhaps a synth build a rich extended outro. The guitar riff lays a foundation over the beat machine and the melodic fuzzy bass line. The lead guitar enters with trailing effects and long sustain. Another instrument enters and the rhythm shifts subtly with moving effect. The combination of instruments at the end is soaring and emotionally evocative. The warm tonality of the instruments feels vintage in tone with modern execution. The whole song is very well done with wonderful sounds and strong arrangements.

The music video for ‘Begin Again’ was directed by Ivana Smudja;  Starring Eva Julia van Drimmelen and Joris Ruijzenaars. The plot is best described by the director themselves.

Begin Again is the story of Lea and Mel Stevens, two twin sisters who exchange personalities from time to time. Whenever they secretly encounter, one of the two is set free, free from the ordinary life, until they meet again. The video was filmed in Groesbeek (The Netherlands), during one of the coldest months of the year and during lockdown. We were not allowed to gather with more than two people outside and the woods were the safest place where to hide and film (keeping distance and wearing our masks, of course)”.

New Candys are a significant band in the psych rock and shoegaze scene and ‘Begin Again’ is another extraordinary contribution to the genre and to their fan base. The music is easily some of their best to date. If this song is any indication than the upcoming album Vyvyd is going to be incredible.

Twin Mime‘ is also from the upcoming album and presents a heavier sound.

‘Vyvyd’ New Album From New Candys Out June 4.

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