Turn! Turn! Turn!
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Story, photos and video by: Kurt Johnson


“THERE IS A SEASON, TURN TURN TURN”, a season for Garage and Punk live Rock band music! And now is that season at Portland, Oregon’s Turn! Turn! Turn!. In North Portland, Oregon’s Turn! Turn! Turn! is reopened and hosting live rock music shows again. On Friday, 25 February 2022, Panthervision headlined with Monte Vega & The Sittin’ Shivas and Tiny Jackets opening. This was a rock show with each band offering up its style of hammering and driving original rock music.

Panthervision is a four-piece group fronted by Bonnie Veronica on lead vocals and guitar, Kirk Larsen on lead guitar and backing vocals, Ty Gerhardt on bass and Ben Easher on drums. Their list of influences includes The Bangles, Blondie, Cheap Trick, The Pandoras and The Yardbirds to name a few. Veronica’s vocals and stage presence are electrifying and Larsen’s searing guitar solos cut through any nonsense to simply light the listener up. Gerhardt’s rock solid bass groove coupled with hammering drumming locks it in the pocket to create a strong, solid foundation allowing the guitar solos and vocals to soar. The result is a sound that locks in with every rhythm, beat and tone. You can see more of Panthervision at their website: www.facebook.com/panthervisionband They also have a number of demos you can listen to at: https://panthervision.bandcamp.com/



Second up was Monte Vega & The Sittin’ Shivas. This band is a five-person band that features dual guitars, a female bass player, a drummer and showman Monte Vega fronting the band on lead vocals. Vega is a consummate front-man and showman. He moves around and handles the mic stand with emphasis, energy and power. The double guitars combine to to create a driving rhythm with soaring solos that are timed off of Vega’s vocal breaks. They dive right in and assault, grab and shake the listener’s sensibilities. The guitar solos burn with speed and power. The effect brings to mind The Ramones through both Vega’s vocal style and the band’s presence and approach. They have two albums under their belts, “Closed (No Fun)” and their most recent, “Sonic Glass”. You can see more of Monte Vega & The Sittin’ Shivas at their website, www.montyvega.com



Opening the show was Tiny Jackets. They are a four-piece group with dual guitars, bass and drums. their rhythm guitarist and bass player provide lead and back up vocals. They played a wide variety of songs that ran from a calmer ballad rhythm and sound to a driving up-tempo attack with melodic vocal harmonies. They had more of a Garage Rock sort of sound. You can see more of Tiny Jackets at their website, https://www.facebook.com/theetinyjackets




You can see more of Turn! Turn! Turn! and upcoming live shows and events at their website: turnturnturn.pdx.com

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