Black Satori has released a new 7" single
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Black Satori’s New 7″ Vinyl from Echodelick Records

Black Satori has released a new 7″ single of heavy-ish garage-psych on Echodelik Records. The two-track single starts with “Electric Kiss”, the lyrics about the thrill of meeting a new love. The track kicks off with a crunching riff that seems like it’s going to lead into a stoner-rock jam. That turns out to be a bit of a head-fake, as it calms down a little after that intro, but only a little. The verses jangle pleasantly along in an energetic Seeds-ish vein, and there are a couple of great guitar solos to close out proceedings that bring back some of the distorted crunch and heft of that intro. 

Black Satori’s New 7″ Vinyl

The band describe themselves as having “delicious fuzz tones” and they’re not lying. The b-side of the single, which is available both digitally and on vinyl from their Bandcamp page, is called “3 Minutes,” and they call it a “dystopian flower power punk song.” Again, they are not lying, as the lyrics focus on drones and lying politicians, but ultimately conclude that “hate will lose to love.” Vocals are apparently provided by the drummer, Michael Stubbe, who chooses a Lux Interior/Cramps-style delivery on this song, which barrels along at a frantic pace, propelled by a relentless guitar figure and furious drum fills. The two songs show a band that is capable of different moods and sounds, as both songs are energetic examples of garage-psych, but they don’t necessarily sound like the same band.  If you like your options varied, this single is worth tracking down, and both tracks are indeed fuzzily delicious.

All artwork is by the band members mastered by Arlen Thompson (Anunnaki, Wolf Parade and NoiseAgonyMayhem Records)

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