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Glöbia & The Cosmic Dead beg the question, do we need rocket ships to explore space or is there another way?

Glöbia And The Cosmic Dead The Intergalactic Connection: Exploring the Sidereal Remote Hyperspace

Glöbia & The Cosmic Dead The Intergalactic Connection: Exploring the Sidereal Remote Hyperspace released on October 29th 2021 from Heavy Psych Sounds. This album begs the question, do we need rocket ships to explore space or is there another way to the rings of Saturn and beyond?

Note: Youtube has inferior sound. Buy the music for the real experience.

This is for psychedelic space rockers who relish wild effects long instrumentals, deep space drift and hard hitting stoner rock. Fans of Hawkwind, UFO, Electric Moon, Zone Six, Helicon, Psychic Lemon, and Dead Meadow will appreciate this album as an excellent and memorable album in this fast growing underground genre.

This is an intergalactic hyperspace exploration using sound and inner vision brought to you by Glöbia from Italy and Scottish heavy psych band, The Cosmic Dead. Both these bands ride the cosmic waves of in-the-moment inspiration and thrive in warm analogue tones using a classic progressive rock line-up with guitars, drums, bass and synth, keyboards and or organs.

The music, the album title, colored splatter vinyl and 70s styled sci-fi artwork are a synergistic pairing and enhance the space travel narrative. This level of consideration to the artistic elements give the listener ability to visualize the intended outer space vistas. Imagine traveling at unimaginable speeds and passing through a few asteroid fields and floating through colorful morphing nebulae along the way.

The Cosmic Dead

The Cosmic Dead are from Glasgow, Scotland and have been blasting listeners into orbit for over a decade. Their first full-length album was released in 2011 and they have released one or more new albums each year since. The are well-known in Europe and the UK for their captivating live performances at psychedelic rock festivals such as Roadburn and The Liverpool Psych Fest. Their propensity for collaboration and experimentation has led to a catalogue of recordings that cover near ambient space rock to heavy stoner and psych rock recorded in studio and live. Their previous album The Scottish Space Race was heavy and sold out multiple runs in preorder.

This latest split with Glöbia has The Dead striking a deep space meditative pose with ear bending effects backing the synth and droning instrumentation. The song builds to noisy psychedelic experimental space rock and then swirling out of control. The Cosmic Dead occupy the B Side with a 19-minute song, ‘Crater Creator’. This track is dynamic starting off with extraterrestrial synth echoing into the darkness of the night sky. There is viola bringing a cosmic acid folk style evoking images of dark woods at night and campfire ceremonies.

The music is mysterious with dark undertones laced together with tension and modulating effects. It builds and breaks into heavy psychedelic rock using space rock riffs with heavy distortion and ripping guitar solos. Keyboards and vintage organ give the music psychedelic fare and drives spacey effects to the next level. The bass hits hard on the low end frequencies using a variety of tones from sustained and warmly over-driven to fuzzed out stoner distortion.


Glöbia is an Italian psych rock band from Milano that creates lush textured atmospheres this back the echoing and driven guitars. Their tones are retro which softens the feel of the music when compared to the heavy stoner inspired vibes of The Cosmic Dead. This band released its first album in 2004 and continues to attract the attention of the psych rock scene in Europe. Their previous full-length Plasmatic Idol from 2020 was a spacey slow burn with world music inspirations blended into their rock music.

Glöbia’s warm sonic palette matches the dreamy and psychedelic visionary intent of the album. They cover Pink Floyd’s ‘Julia Dreams’ highlighting their inspirations in the 70s counter-culture sound. The musical decisions on the album follow a blend of vintage and contemporary space rock from Pink Floyd to Electric Moon and The Cosmic Dead. Glöbia has the vintage organs, soft analogue synth, echoing guitars and warm fuzz. They depart on extended instrumental passages with guitar solos and a steady groove oriented rhythm section transmitting a trace upon the listener.

Glöbia adds an acid folk element to the album which deepens the mysterious space ritual theme of the album. The first side satisfies the retro urges and presents a dreamy 60s and 70s psychedelia with velvet, LSD, shag mustard carpets and vinyl.

Glöbia and The Cosmic Dead The Intergalactic Connection: Exploring The Sidereal Remote Hyperspace is what is claims to be, a journey through space-age psychedelic heavy sci-fi music that can transport the listener on journeys beyond the body. The album follows tried and true space rock song structures with steady build-ups and off the rails expressive improvisations that are designed to warp the mind and create a sense of what lies beyond conventional reality.

The album stays true to sci-fi inspirations drawing from krautrock, space rock, 70s progressive rock, and heavy metal stoner rock. The Cosmic Dead have found a sound that is not as heavy or noisy as some of their previous albums. The two bands compliment each other wonderfully. The album has seamless continuity between the various songs and sections and is wild and lysergic journey beyond.

Glöbia And The Cosmic Dead The Intergalactic Connection: Exploring the Sidereal Remote Hyperspace

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