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I Dream of the A-4

SF’s Asteroid No. 4 Drop Dreamy Single:
“The After Glow”

John J. Callahan, PhD

Upon waking, many struggle to recall the progress of the night’s sleep, the dream: surreal, vivid, blur of memories and emotion. At moment’s wake, still more long to stretch back into that slumbered bliss, with sound, places, and people far, so near.

The sonic expression of that drifting moment of somnolence is the target of countless pysch rock outfits. They have put it into the names of their genres, bands, albums, and songs. The list is endless: Dream pop, The Dream Syndicate, An Amazing Dream, “And Then I Dreamt of Yes”. However, the actual capture of dream’s imagery, cast upon sound’s canvass, is reserved for the rare few.

Enter the Asteroid No. 4. Their ten-album career draws upon the artists of yore to create a potent new brew of psychedelic stew. The band name is a permutation of Warwickshire Legends, The Spacemen 3. The seeds of the band’s sound infuses shoegaze, Byrd-jangle, and alt-country into a tapestry of galactic fuzz.

The Asteroid No. 4’s latest, “The After Glow”, hits the mark. You know, those just-out-of-reach, night-ful harmonies that make your dreams so delicious. It will cost you a buck to dig on the second single from their new album, “Northern Songs”. With that one dollar, you can support a truly great San Francisco band. The full LP and digital album are available today from Little Cloud and Cardinal Fuzz Records.

RIYL: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Catherine Wheel, The Church, Pink Floyd, and Spiritualized.

Asteroid No 4 Northern Songs Album Cover
Asteroid No 4 Northern Songs Album Cover

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