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Infinite Possible Futures is the new album by Mayya


By Jessica Stidd, Pow Magazine

Infinite Possible Futures is the new album by Mayya (Mayya Feygina), and it hits like a comforting warm breeze or a hug from a long-lost friend. Even the sadder parts feel ringed with a sense of hope and a way to carry on.

The first track on the album, “Try & Try,” begins with a Bob Dillon-esque style, crooning about “missing you,” giving way to a hopeful sway mixed with the seriousness of trying to forget about you. She somehow encapsulates the experience of melancholy and the embracing of getting on with life all in one.
Then the whimsical, catchy tune turns to a discordant and dreamy beat with a call to the metaphysical that gets one through the toughest times: “One fine morning we’ll meet in the sun.”

The second track on the album, “Tide Shifts,” we start out again with that
happy-go-lucky singing style, whereas the experience she is singing about has a tinge of heart ache as she sings, “In and out of my life you go.” A contemplation of friendship that goes in and out of our lives, like the tide.

The third track, “Rock Inside My Shoe” also has a “rocking” tune, like being rocked back and forth as one goes forward in her day, while having difficulty shaking off what’s on one’s mind. The tune then takes on a jazzy flair, and the chorus “Now I don’t feel so free,” repeats, yet the day carries on. Mayya herself said about the song, “The song is about when something subtly makes its way into your mind and keeps coming up, even when you think you’ve shaken it. Like a perpetual pebble in your shoe. And how we can gradually become more comfortable with these recurring thoughts. Ultimately it’s about getting out of our heads and not worrying so much.”


Mayya “Weird Waltz”
From the album, Infinite Possible Futures

Even with its reoccurring themes, the album has a lot of variety to enjoy. The all-instrumental “Weird Waltz” feels like music of a carnival, with both rocking and softer melodies. The ninth track on the album, “Breeze Thru My Life,” feels like a journey of “breezing through the day,” to find a way to process emotions and easing into acceptance and letting go. In the beginning of the song, Mayya’s spoken-word approach reflects how we think in the background as our days unfold. The song’s chorus then turns to a stronger beat amplified by the drums, with immediate emotional appeal, to turn once again in the next verse to being more philosophical. The last track, “Another Day Gone By,” feels as though it captures the theme and essence of the album, addressing grieving and troubles, but with the realization you did the best you can and can go forward in wisdom and acceptance. And ultimately, to love oneself is the greatest lesson of all. And another day goes by.

Mayya “Breeze Thru My Life”
From the album, Infinite Possible Futures

Infinite Possible Futures was released on September 9, 2022, by Mayya Feygine on vocals, guitar and songwriter. Recorded and co-produced by Chris Daddio at Donut Time Audio. Mixed, mastered, and xylophone by Greg Suanier.

Drums, percussion, back up vox and accoustic guitar by Sam Jones. Lead electric guitar, synth, back up vox, and percussion by Spencer Owens. Bass by Jason Cirimele. Electric violin and acoustic violin by Sivan Lioncub. And Edan Mor on saxophone.

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