New Candys / Sun Atoms / The Black Doors at Mississippi Studios March 8, 2022
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When you get new candy, you crave it and it’s sweet and it’s delicious! And so it was when POW MAGAZINE’s Sheena Moore interviewed Venice, Italy’s New Candys band at Portland, Oregon’s Mississippi Studios and Bar on Tuesday 8, 2022. The New Candys are on tour supporting their newest release, “Vyvyd”. It was a three band show with The Black Doors opening, followed by The Sun Atoms and with The New Candys headlining.

POW’s Sheena Moore caught up with The New Candys for an in-person interview in the Green Room at Mississippi Studios during that afternoon before the show:

Sheena Moore, Editorial Manager and The Candys.

Later that evening, The New Candys headlined the show. The New Candys are a four piece group that specialize in a smooth blend so strong Psych rock with somewhat of pop and Euro flavor added. They add unusual musical features and sound to their music that you wouldn’t expect to see or hear at this type of show. A particular case is the use of a bottle slide on the lead singer’s guitar. This brings to mind blues and shades of Duane Allman. It did give a taste of that kind of guitar sound. If you look closely, you can see the bottle slide on his middle finger as he plays. You can see more of The New Candys at their website:


Opening the show were The Black Doors. This band was very much blues based and the lead singer very much brought to mind echoes of Janis Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company. Very deep blues with underlying grooves and rhythms. You can see more of The Black Doors on their Facebook page:


Following up after The Black Doors, were The Sun Atoms. The Sun Atoms were full-on, straight ahead, no foolishness, Psych Rock. Their sound was strong, encompassing and drew the listener deep within the grooves, beats and murky vocals. A special feature of The Sun Atoms was their virtuoso brass and woodwind player, complete with a bass clarinet, trumpet, soprano sax, and a big-ass baritone sax. And he played them all throughout their set. You can see more of The Sun Atoms on their Facebook page:


Mississippi Studios is one of Portland, Oregon’s premier live music venues. Every kind of band you can image plays there to every kind of crowd. Attached to it is the Bar Bar which serves up delicious cocktails and satisfying bar snacks. Along with the stage and dance floor is also an overhead balcony section and an outdoor patio with a gas fireplace to relax around. You can see more of upcoming shows and events at Mississippi Studios at their website:

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