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New Candys Vyvyd

New Candys are back with an incredible new album titled Vyvyd. It has catchy brooding vocals, stellar shoegaze guitar tones and danceable rhythms. This band from Venice, Italy has taken their sound to the next level with Vyvyd. The album has dark undertones with expansive sustained reverb, echoing vocals, and hints of 80’s, 90s and modern style. The production, song writing, vocals, lyrics are in league with best in the underground psych and shoegaze today.

The album is centered on the vocal melodies with inspired guitar lines. The guitars have atmospheric cold reverb, echo, and breakouts into experimental effects and sustained fuzz tones.

The band, fronted by Fernando Nuti credited with the music, lyrics and artwork for Vyvyd. He is the guitarist, singer and songwriter in the band.

Nuti describes the creative process as:

“There was an urgency for us to evolve, to find a new chemistry and to convert it into something creatively fulfilling, something that could surprise us. The aim was to expand our sound into new territories, everyone in the band brought new ideas and influences to the table. We dived deeply into digital recording techniques, embracing them, using loops, real and virtual synths and drum machines, balancing them with the dirty analog sound the band always had… We also looked for a danceable element this time, that’s something we’ve always loved and wanted to explore further”.

On Vyvyd the vocals and lyrics are the central focus with catchy melodies and lyrics with depth and intrigue. The dark reverberating guitar tones and the cosmic swell of subtle synths finds fresh energy paired with danceable rhythms. The lyrics are personal and come across as symbols used to create a dreamlike message that taps into the archetypal and unconscious forces with-in. The lyrical content has meaning, depth and room for open interpretation. It’s an exploration of the psyche and a dive into the unconscious mind Through the lens of personal relationships. The album reaches for a sense of connection with others and greater understanding described through personal imagery.

New Candys released their first self-titled CDr in 2010 which captures them in a retro phase with 60s inspirations. The Stars Reach The Abyss released in 2012 developed their personal style. The early albums had elements of psychedelic rock and shoegaze. New Candys have produced inspiring music consistently for the last dozen years. Their sound has grown darker and become more refined over time.  

The latest album Vyvyd follows Bleeding Magenta released on Fuzz Club in 2017. Bleeding Magenta was a breakout for the band. Fuzz Club gave the band wider distribution and visibility. The New Candys toured extensively on Bleeding Magenta between 2017 and 2020 playing some of the biggest psych festivals in Europe. They gained international attention and became one of the rising stars in the underground scene. 

Vyvyd is an album that builds on the best elements from their catalogue and introduces a new sense of style. Every song works together and has a consistency in tone accented with chilled out sections and psyched out rock. They have heavy songs like ‘Evil Evil’ and 60s and 90s inspired tracks like ‘Helluva Zoo’. Much of the album is in the emerging psych rock style in Europe which is brooding, dark and shoegazed. The guitar tones are clear with controlled and heavy effects. The reverb sounds great and is ever-present. The vocals packed with attitude and feeing. The bass and drums mixed with beat machines have moving rhythms. The addition of various synths and electronic elements are rich with texture. Vyvyd is a strong album that could easily spend weeks flipping over-and-over on record players world-wide.

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