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Get Hypnotized! 2 New Releases From Hypnotic Bridge Records

This week brings us 2 new releases from Hypnotic Bridge records. Devoted to the 7-inch, vinyl, 45-rpm format, the label specializes in bringing glorious psych-pop singles to fans, DJs, and collectors of psychedelic artifacts. Records are pressed in limited-edition quantities of 500 per single and often represent a band’s most psychedelic, 1960s-inspired sounds.  

The Black Watch: “Crying all The Time!” b/w “One Hundred Million Times Around The Sun” & “Much of Muchness”

The Black Watch have been creating their unique blend of post-punk psychedelia for nearly 3 decades. This latest single from Hypnotic Bridge is a testament to their sound. The A side is “Crying All The Time!” (psych mix), gives us mellotron strings from ex BJM keyboardist Rob Campanella and haunting Church-esque post-punk. The B-side features 2 tracks, “One Hundred Million Times Around The Sun” and “Much of Muchness”, both punchy beat driven tracks filled with reverb and melody along with the unexpected fun of backwards guitars and psychedelia injected all throughout . Get it here.

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Electric Looking Glass: “Death of A Season” b/w “Someday Soon”

Electric Looking Glass have seemingly come from out of nowhere but are certainly right where the action is! The A Side, “Death of A Season”, is far out, Hammond organ driven psych pop perfection with its harmonies, psychedelia, and simply great songwriting. Could be a lost 60s release; catchy while still being creative. The B side, “Someday Soon” evokes a spring morning, and prominently features rotary speaker and harpsichord. The tune also has an amazing Monkees-esque music video, which you can watch below. Get the single here.

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