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Full POW Stream Show.

Thank you everyone for the support (and funding) for our first stream last night. I’ve done a lot of big things in music the last few decades, but this was a rough project for us, but we did great, despite technical glitches. I make no apologies for technology, but we will do better next time. The emotional vibe for feedback from music fans and musicians (at the event and online), “we must try again.” And we will. It was a learning experience and I think we have a formula to focus on.

The goal is to support musicians in a TV format. A different side of vinyl which we’ve been promoting from our online magazine for many years. We’ll keep working at it. I want to thank Jake Shilson from Homietofu Entertainment (such a perfectionist) and his homies (they work hard on this project) and the bands (they too worked hard to get the word out). I also want to thank Zachary J. Rodell and his buddy, Lance Gordon and the usual suspects from the SF/Oakland music scene and the bands from PDX and Lemat in Mexico for joining us. I know we had technical difficulties and we will make up for that next month. I promise.

AFTER my upcoming vacation away from the bay area.


We will start booking in two weeks and we will keep you posted about LS2.

Dennis Gonzales

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New bio coming soon.