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Pow Magazine’s 30th anniversary of No More Censorship Defense Fund Benefit Show Part 7


Our final movie segment about Pow Magazine’s 30th Anniversary of No More Censorship Defense Fund Benefit Show Part 7 at One Step Beyond Santa Clara California. Interviews with musicians from the music event, the late Dirk Dirksen from NMCDF, KFJC / KSCU and the founders of the original POW when it was a real magazine.

In an era of fascism, censoring art and music is still very much a danger in our country. Keep the faith!

Dennis Gonzales
Founder of Pow Magazine
2011 – 2017




30th Anniversary

October 28, 1987

Pow Magazine Benefit Show for

Jello Biafra and NMCDF

Social Club

London Down

The Frontier Wives

The Shockwaves

Dennis Gonzales

Dave Davis

Dave Shumacher

Phil  Benjamin


Dirk Dirksen


Dennis Gonzales

Dave Davis

Pow Magazine


Video Photographer

Joy Engstrom


Visual Projections by

Richard Joiste

The Seeing Eye



Phil Dirt


Video created by

Pow Magazine

October 28, 2017


KFJC 89.7 FM

Pow Magazine ANTHOLOGY – Part Two

Dennis Gonzales and SAL 9000

May 17, 2011


Recorded on

October 28, 1987

One Step Beyond

Santa Clara California


Thank you Stan Kent

One step Beyond


Dedicated to

Dirk Dirksen

Dennis Gonzales is the founder/owner of Pow Magazine. Pow started at the KFJC studios in 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area on two online radio shows about the magazine print version from the late 80s Bay Area music scene. The programs inspired the social media version of Pow Magazine using Myspace and Facebook as the anchors to new music, but eventually adding Twitter and Instagram three-years later. Three-years later, Dennis started adding people to Pow to help him cover local art, music, political events and music festivals. Today, Pow Magazine's official website anchors Pow's social media websites and offer other services. And Pow is growing with serious passionate music contributors from around the world. Dennis has a long history and relationship with Bay Area music long before he started Pow Magazine. Working with hundreds of bands throughout his life and has plans to start other Pow Magazines in other cities throughout the world to support local music and live Pow shows. Dennis is remembered for curating two fundraiser music festivals for the late great Dirk Dirksen, emcee of the San Francisco punk rock clubs Mabuhay Gardens and On Broadway in San Francisco. The No More Censorship Defense Fund Shows were held in San Francisco and Santa Clara California complete with psychedelic liquids and film visuals with bands Pow Magazine supported at the time. The shows were to help pay legal fees for Jello Biafra and Alternative Tentacles. Complaints by the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) about the artwork inside the Dead Kennedys album, Frankenchrist, the H. R. Giger poster Landscape XX (Penis Landscape), brought Biafra to trial in Los Angeles for distributing “harmful material to minors”. Pow Magazine will be releasing the movie about the two benefit shows on YouTube for its 2017 anniversary in the fall. Dennis continues to contribute his passion and experience by curating rock festivals, local shows, promoting bands, political activism, discovering and documenting new art and music. "My goal is to make sure local music in Manchester UK or Sydney AUS are covered under the Pow banner before I retire. It's ambitious, but I am always serious and focused like my team." - Dennis Gonzales, January 20, 2017