Play With Fire by L.A. WITCH
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POW Music Review: Play With Fire by L.A. Witch

Albums that fueled our sense of hope through 2020.

   To get a feel for ‘Fire Starter’ cue that “keep on your mean side” attitude and pair that up with Sade Sanchez’s (vocals/guitar) enigmatic signature voice. She rumbles steady with her scuzzy, tremolo guitar echoing that ready to attack ‘Switchblade Sisters’ power. Bassist, Irita Pai and drummer, Ellie English bring that thrilling, throbbing, and rattling rock ‘n’ roll beat that reminds you to shake your hair out and move your damn bodies. Dare to thrash around possessed in a “Fear and Loathing” meets Lux Interior/Poison Ivy universe with touches of Gun Club esoteric essence to get a feel for the layers weaving the band together. ‘Play With Fire’ comes in like a whirlwind ready to shake up your life and remind you who you are at your core; a free-thinking individual with a pulse.  

L.A. Witch perform “Garbageman” by The Cramps live at Ultrasound Studios

What makes L.A. Witch unique is underneath that firecracker and smoke music appeal therein lies the complex layers of melancholy (echoes of Spacemen 3) that haunts you. They capture that transient spirit of Los Angeles well. Their sophomore album isn’t meant to just help keep your head above water through the pains of existence. It’s a call to question your existence further and step into your truest, untamed form. The track that best embodies this spirit is ‘Motorcycle Boy’, which acts as a longing love song glorifying cinema bad boys Steve McQueen, Mickey Rourke, and Marlon Brando. It’s allure is not only the catalyst for revisiting pulp cinema classics, but embracing that freedom of getting out of your comfort zone for a ride. Journey to JT desert anyone?

Dark Horse entices listeners into escapism with hypnotic acoustic guitar rhythms that induce mystic visions of a siren-seer giving you a glimpse of an alternate Lynch universe in some dark and crimson lit bar where everyone is talking in riddles. When you open your mouth to speak, you realize your tongue is cut out. The trio enlighten further with their song ‘Gen-Z’ by asking the listener to question your “social media lens”; especially addressing the topic of horrifying statistics of increased suicide rates in younger generations. They claim, ‘Gen-Z’ is about being a slave to technology. It’s another reminder that authenticity is gravely important to the soul and how the pressures to be something other than yourself has become a rampant issue in the social media realm.

‘Play With Fire’ out now on Suicide Squeeze Records

      ‘True Believers’ is a speedy punk anthem expressing the overwhelming feeling of trying to find your footing in these turbulent times. It’s reminiscent of that same golden fury from The Wipers song ‘Youth of America’. It applies now more than ever seeing the extreme divisions within the U.S. this past year. ‘True Believers’ is screaming time for change! Add ‘Play With Fire’ to refuel your rock and roll playlist to inspire a more activated soul experience.

Motorcycle Boy music video premieres January 25th.

‘Play With Fire’ is out now on Suicide Squeeze Records

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