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Take me to Your Master: An Interview with Robby Staebler of All Them Witches

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, All Them Witches merges the best of various over-flooded genres to create their own hypnotic sound. Even though they incorporate clear classic rock, blues and psychedelic elements, they are not trying to capture or reproduce a sound from another era. They are doing their own thing, and with almost every performance being a sold out show, it is clearly working. What results is a very raw outpouring of music; I’m not sure where it comes from, but it is as if the band is a vessel for some higher musical force. Their sound feels rough and gentle at the same time- it feels good.

Get a taste for their sound:

Being at one of their shows feels like taking part in some sort of voodoo ritual in the bayou; it’s full of magic, haziness and the ever-present duality of heaviness and darkness contrasting etherealness and light. The group brings such a presence that the audience is almost forced to worship them.

When God Comes Back

The group has been active for five years, and released their first album, Our Mother Electricity, in 2012. Sleeping Through the War is their latest album, having been released in February 2017. This album is strong and unmistakably dark; it’s hauntingly brilliant, and above all else memorable. Take a listen to Sleeping Through the War:

Robby Staebler from All Them Witches was kind enough to take a few moments and interview with me. Read to find out more on his creative process and his outlook on the music industry:

1.    What inspired you to become musicians? Did your parents foster an interest in music?

I was inspired by the music I listened to with my brother. Both my parents are musicians. Mom plays a flute very well and my dad has always played the drums. Parks’ Dad was also a musician – he toured the south and has some crazy stories.

We were all encouraged to play music when befell in love with it. We weren’t pushed into it as children.

2.     What do you value most about each member of the group?

We can have patience and understanding for ourselves and whatever situation we may be in. This comes in handy on the road.

3.     Does spirituality play a role in your music?

Without spirituality of some kind where would inspiration come from? Yes.

4.     What inspires the artwork on your album covers? Who designs them?

I do (Robby) I am inspired by my experiences in the world traveling alone or with friends. Some psychedelic experiences have also solidified some of my beliefs and appreciation for the intangible. I think art is intangible and mysterious. It makes you feel and in turn think, but you can’t hold onto what art is, only the ideas and feelings. Just like traveling.

5.     What influences and inspires the lyrics and melodies in your songs? Are these based on real life events or cover specific themes?

It is based on momentary flashes of life. Themes of life, moving, pondering.

6.     Can you elaborate on your creative process as a group? What goes into writing a song? Do you work together or is the creation of the arrangement/ lyrics led by specific members?

We jam, we hang out and we just exist in the same space together trying to weave our movements through the others’.

7.     How has your group and sound changed over time?

We learn each others moves and behaviors more and more. It makes it easier to get by when we fuck up.

8.     If you could receive musical critique from any musician or group (alive or dead), who would it be and why?

I don’t want critique. We can critique ourselves because we are driving the ship. I don’t really care what other people think. We first play for ourselves.

9.     What is your view on the record industry of today?

The record industry is a club with different levels and players. Money dictates much of the industry and it is hard to ride the bull.

10.     Having toured around the world, what is your favourite place to perform and where would you like to play at again?

We have had a great time performing all over. Exotic places are always fun. I would say Israel has had the most unexpected badass evenings. But so many places are amazing. There is no favorite.

11.     If there is one thing you could have people take away from your music what would it be?

That life is meant for living and for being kind. Not fighting to be superior in some way. To figure yourself out you need to first give yourself the chance to live with the pain and suffering that comes with the planet.

Check out their website or bandcamp page for the latest:

Review written by Isabella Moulton– a stylist and designer by day, and aesthetic aficionado by night. For inquiries, please contact her at: | Keep it groovy <3

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