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The Stargazer Lillies – “Cosmic Tidal Wave”

The Stargazer Lilies

Starting “Lit like the Sun,” Kim Field’s lush vocals wash over the stratospheric mood of this opening track, like they’re emanating from the source of the center of this solar system. “Any color can be bright, but it takes all to produce daylight.” Vast expanses of space and time transverse perfectly, reflecting the album’s title “Cosmic Tidal Wave.” An epic album opener, it set the stage for the rest of the astral journey over the course of the solid nine song album. “Bending the lines” is the second track, having more of a bounce, and creating a nice low-key dance vibe after the cosmic voyage of the album opener. Smooth synth and guitar “wah wahs” are layered in nicely like weaving sine waves, perhaps making it the most danceable song on the album. “Distant Space” is next and seems like a pop ballad in disguise, however the layered production gives it a unique sonic quality. Those with a trained ear to the multilayered production of psych and shoegaze bands will hear more in the mix than others. “A distant space, A better place” both lyrically and sonically. “Forever Today” also has a very thick, dense sound with the descending drums on the chorus, by percussionist Carissa Giard, along with pulsating bass vibes.

“Vibes of Love” is the second single from the new album, and the standout tracks one of my favorites. Along with a shimmering refracting green screen music video, the chorus bursts forth, “Vibes of love go beyond the dimensions we perceive. Love vibrations create endless waves through all time they will weave.” Often with psych music, the lyrics are buried behind the mix or dressed with lots of effects, but the themes and lyrics fully represent each song, tying the album themes together as a nice package. The lyrics could stand on their own as good prose. Tremolo psych synth or guitar moments on the bridge mirror the otherworldly lyrics, taking the listener into the next realm.

The next two tracks include “LA Day,” an upbeat “poppie” song about Los Angeles reflecting the ups and downs of California life and, chasing the dream. Then “Waves of Sound” is more of a shoegaze style tropicalia track, for something different. On the song, “Purple Sunshine” we are given waves of love, both purple and pink, bubblegum and honey. Guitarist John Cep has a unique style with his reverse guitar bowing over the course of the whole album, creating just and endless “101 strings” symphony deep into the eardrum. Riffs weave in and out, riding waves up and down, inside and out with a dash of phaser thrown in. There is some next level lush production here setting up the final track of the album. “Beauty Wrapped in Skin” starts off slow with more of the heavenly sounds of Kim Field’s vocals as the song builds in percussion and complexity, with the drums kicking in at the right moment. “Hold me for infinity, For all lies within…” This is an excellent closing track to an excellent album and band, with an impressive catalog of recordings.

Author: Matt Robeson Martin, Pow Magazine

The Stargazer Lillies:

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