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    “Life Is A Merry Go Round”- Live in Portland with The Zombies

    Iconic British psychedelic pop legends The Zombies are back to celebrate their long-awaited Induction into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with a new album in the works and their 2022 “Life Is A Merry-Go-Round” Tour. This tour feels like a well-deserved victory lap after some major wins for this hard working veteran band, who are truly in a class of their own.  The band being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is certainly a significant event in the history of the Zombies, and one that was a long time in the making. After receiving their 4th nomination in 5 years, the support for The Zombies’…

  • The Chemistry Set's "Pink Felt Trip"
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    They Blinded Me with Psych! The Chemistry Set’s “Pink Felt Trip”

    As a mom of an 8 month old, most of the music I’m currently listening to is “Baby Shark” related. And while those “doo doo doo doo”s are admittedly pretty catchy, it’s incredibly refreshing for me to get to hear something complex, ephemeral, and COOL. Pink Felt Trip, the latest album from The Chemistry Set is all of those things and more. The Chemistry Set are no newcomers to the scene- this year marks their 35th anniversary making music. The cult London Psychedelic band The Chemistry Set have quite a history. Founded by Dave Mclean and Paul Lake in 1987, the band are veterans of the alternative Manchester label “Imaginary”…

  • The Love Dimension
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    The Love Dimension “Tree In The Seed” is a new six-cut EP

    “Tree In The Seed” is a new six-cut EP from amorphous San Francisco psych-collective The Love Dimension. A loosely-defined amalgamation of musicians, (they say they can appear with any configuration from ‘solo-acoustic’ to a full 11-member ‘expanded lineup’) this release finds The Love Dimension appearing in our cosmos as a septet. Since it’s just an EP, we’ll do a track-by-track review.  “I Promise You” features The Love Dimension’s usual arrangement of male vocals with female harmonies, plus a buzzing-guitar line that darts around the track like a wasp at a picnic. Sometimes it’s buried in the background, sometimes it’s buzzing menacingly right in your face. “Find A Way” kicks off with…

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    New Week, New Release: The Rosalyns “Outta Reach”

    The Rosalyns, a supergroup of girls in the garage featuring Anja Stax (The Loons), Lori Sokolowski (Gloomsday), Lety Beers (The Schizophonics), Amy Gore (The Gore-Gore Girls), and Birdy Bardot, who has one of the most perfect “garage rock” vocals I’ve ever heard, seriously. “The Rosalyns first assembled six years ago to pay tribute to the “girls in the garage” sound of the 1960s- trailblazing bands like the Pleasure Seekers, the Liverbirds, The Clingers, the Daughters of Eve, the Ace of Cups, and the Belles- young women who took up guitars, basses and drums to make some rock n roll noise of their own in a field dominated by men. Swimming…

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    New Week, New Release: Hollow Hand’s Star Chamber

    Do you like The Kinks? Do you also like baby-making music? Then you’ll love Hollow Hand. The psych folk band, hailing from Brighton, centers mostly around Max Kinghorn-Mills, who not only looks like a young Ray Davies but writes songs like him too. The outfit’s 2nd album, Star Chamber, releases this Friday October 19th on Talkshow Records and is well worth taking for a spin. Star Chamber opens with “Ancestral Lands”, which sounds a bit like an unfinished demo, but is so beautiful in its rawness that it immediately locks you in as a listener. “Blackberry Wine” is a brilliant tune, sounding like the lost Kinks/Donovan collaboration. There are so…

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    POW Magazine Reviews The Chemistry Set- The Endless More and More

    The Chemistry Set are veterans of London psych scene, forming in the midst of the garage revival of the 80s and gaining international fame via their multiple flexi-disc releases. After taking a hiatus throughout the 90s, the band was reformed in the early 2000s and have since released 3 CDs: Alchemy #101, This Day Will Never Happen Again, and Chemistry Is Just Numbers, plus 5 vinyl singles and 5 compilation appearances. The band also appeared on stage for the first time in 14 years in 2010, and have since made appearances at several European festivals. 2016 saw the release of The Endless More and More, an album which according to…