• C.ROSS’s new full length album “Skull Creator”
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    C.ROSS’s new full length album “Skull Creator”

    Story by: Matt Robeson Martin Skull Creator is the new album by C. Ross (Chad Ross) of the Canadian bands Comet Control, Quest for Fire, Nordic Nomadic, and the Deadly Snakes. Recorded at the Balloon Factory in Vancouver, British Columbia by Joshua Wells, the album has a very cosmic acoustic style production that permeates across the album as a whole. Each song is uniquely different. However, the lush, mellow production dresses each track differently, like they were all cut from the same mold. This would be a soundtrack to a rainy morning, with chill vocals resting perfectly atop the lush acoustic production of each track. Sweeping synths on some of…

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    Mystery Flavors Are San Francisco Folk Rock

    Mystery Flavors The Mystery Flavors self titled album released on January 7th 2022. The band is from San Francisco making original music that draws from the rich musical traditions of the city. Their lighthearted music draws inspiration from The Grateful Dead and The Byrds with beautiful harmonies and earthy folk stylings. This is their first full-length album with a collection of songs packed with dreamy harmonies, smooth production and a variety of instruments. Their enchanting style is more than just a revival of the classic west coast folk rock and sunshine pop sound; it also integrates modern folk. The album is dedicated to the Northern California coastal lifestyle with titles…

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    The New Earth Farmers World Premiere of “Into the Great Unknown”

    The New Earth Farmers “Into the Great Unknown” The New Earth Farmers “Into the Great Unknown” POW Magazine is proud to premiere the new music video from The New Earth Farmers. “Into the Great Unknown” is the title track from the latest EP released in April 2021. The song features classic folk rock with silky smooth production and catchy songwriting. Their charming sound is constructed around 12 string electric guitar, acoustic strumming and an electric slide guitar for a full bodied tone. The vocals by Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto are soothing and use tight harmonies and melodies that draw on their 70s folk rock inspirations. “Into The Great Unknown”…