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    The Next Generation of Folk at its Finest: Josh OKeefe’s Newest Album Bloomin’

    Up until now, Pow Magazine has been known for our unwavering support of underground, psychedelic, garage rock music. Even so, for the last few years we have been thinking to venture out a bit and start representing the new generation of folk singers. We’ve decided here at Pow that now is the time; so here we go, let’s give some much-needed love and support to this massively underrepresented genre in the world of modern music. Given there is no better time than the present, let’s start off this new folk adventure with a review of Josh Okeefe’s newest album—Bloomin’. Having already been praised by The Irish Times, The Journal of…

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    New Week, New Release: Shana Cleveland’s “Night of The Worm Moon”

    When I was a teenager, much to my parents’ chagrin, I painted my bedroom walls black. To contrast the blackness, I strung up Christmas lights around the room and installed a rainbow colored ceiling fan- each of it’s blades was a different color. I discovered that while the colors of the spinning blades were indistinguishable when the fan was on, by turning on a mini strobe light, each strobe flash would freeze an individual blade color, creating a really groovy effect. I spent many of my nights stoned, laying on my floor and listening to music while staring up at the stroboscopic rainbow spinning above me. Shana Cleveland’s sophomore solo…

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    New Week, New Release: Hollow Hand’s Star Chamber

    Do you like The Kinks? Do you also like baby-making music? Then you’ll love Hollow Hand. The psych folk band, hailing from Brighton, centers mostly around Max Kinghorn-Mills, who not only looks like a young Ray Davies but writes songs like him too. The outfit’s 2nd album, Star Chamber, releases this Friday October 19th on Talkshow Records and is well worth taking for a spin. Star Chamber opens with “Ancestral Lands”, which sounds a bit like an unfinished demo, but is so beautiful in its rawness that it immediately locks you in as a listener. “Blackberry Wine” is a brilliant tune, sounding like the lost Kinks/Donovan collaboration. There are so…