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    Balduin She’s The One

    Balduin’s music has creative freedom on each note and feels open and uplifting. The album is very positive and playful, bringing to mind the optimism of the 60s 'Summer Of Love'. The album feels like it came from the start of the psychedelic genre while incorporating contemporary influences.

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    New Release: Moral High Horses

    Here’s a Halloween treat for all you trick or treaters- San Francisco’s own Moral High Horses released their debut EP this month. Released October 13th, the 4 track EP is an outstanding debut, brimming with Beatle-esque psych pop that keeps a decidedly modern edge. These don’t sound like the songs of a band’s first release- each track is beautifully written and thoroughly constructed. According to a recent post to the band’s facebook page, “We’ve been holed up for nearly a year recording this EP going through bouts of frustration and depression, moving mics inch by inch chancing better sounds, working with limited resources and equipment, breaking said resources and equipment…