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    Balduin She’s The One

    Balduin’s music has creative freedom on each note and feels open and uplifting. The album is very positive and playful, bringing to mind the optimism of the 60s 'Summer Of Love'. The album feels like it came from the start of the psychedelic genre while incorporating contemporary influences.

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    Melt Into Poetic Psychedelic Rock With Agouti Nodes

    Agouti – Nodes Agouti Node is a dream pop stroll through indie, alternative and psychedelic rock. The band is fronted by producer and songwriter Carmen Caruso on lead vocals and bass. The vocals are forefront with layered rock and indie styled vocals that come through with clarity and strength. The arrangements are psychedelic with swirling synth, layered vocal harmonies, overdriven…

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    Babylon K- The Kasbah Experience EP

    Babylon K expand their subconsciousness in the comfort of their garage on their new EP The Kasbah Experience. We’ve got Daniele “el Blanco” Dainelli on lead vocals, Giacomo “Jimbo” Goffo and Cheri on Guitars, and Emanuele Bitossi on bass. Their first release was a self titled EP released in 2015 but it’s here on The Kasbah Experience EP that we…