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    The Love Dimension Takes You to Another Dimension

    The Love Dimension, San Francisco, Photo by Ellie Doyen for Pow Magazine Check out their latest album, Dream Decibels. With a complete, cohesive flow from start to finish, Dream Decibels takes you through the spectrum of human experience, to the stars and cosmos beyond, and then gently carries you back down to earth with their final song “Back Home.” Every song on this album has its own purpose and intent. The songs vary dramatically to give you different energetic vibes and feelings. They flow together seamlessly, making for a complete e(ar)-xperience. Kicking it off with “Faster Than the Speed of Light”: like the name implies, it’s a high-powered anthem that…

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    Dual Record Release Party: Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, The Love Dimension, and opening up, Snow Angel with visuals by White Light Prism. March 30, 2017.

      On the 30th of March of this year, one of the best Bay Area rock n roll psych and blues hit Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco California.  Music reviewer Dennis Gonzales and photographer, Ellie Doyen covered the dual record release party featuring Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, The Love Dimension and opening up, Snow Angel featuring visuals by White Light Prism. Snow Angel Photos by Ellie Doyen, Pow Magazine The Love Dimension Photos by Ellie Doyen, Pow Magazine Joshua Cook & The Key of Now

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    Pow Magazine Music Videos March 1, 2017

    New videos from 2017 and we’ll have more in the next couple of weeks.  So keep sending us your music video for Pow Magazine. This week, The Coathangers, Jesse E. James, Green Circles, The Risin’ Sun, The Higher State, The Prefab Messiahs, The Love Dimension, Lucifer’s Dream, The Call Him Zone, Moon Duo, Chain of Pink, Alma Fronterizas, The Dandy Warhols, Melt Dunes, Wish, Vallens, Vinyl Williams, Morning Face & Mellow Lizard, Mall Walk (Live Stream) and Music for Headphones.

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    POW Magazine Reviews New EP by The Love Dimension- “Acceptance”

    For nearly a decade, The Love Dimension has been a part of the San Francisco music scene. Known for having a unique and amorphous lineup, The Love Dimension defines themselves as a musical collective and has featured as many as 80 musicians throughout their existence. Every evolution brings new variants to the group’s sound, making for a diverse discography that can’t be placed into any one genre. This March sees the release of Acceptance, a new 5-track EP that showcases The Love Dimension’s wide range of influences and musical abilities.