• The Love Dimension
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    The Love Dimension “Tree In The Seed” is a new six-cut EP

    “Tree In The Seed” is a new six-cut EP from amorphous San Francisco psych-collective The Love Dimension. A loosely-defined amalgamation of musicians, (they say they can appear with any configuration from ‘solo-acoustic’ to a full 11-member ‘expanded lineup’) this release finds The Love Dimension appearing in our cosmos as a septet. Since it’s just an EP, we’ll do a track-by-track review. …

  • The Love Dimension - Dream Decibels
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    The Love Dimension Takes You to Another Dimension

    The Love Dimension, San Francisco, Photo by Ellie Doyen for Pow Magazine Check out their latest album, Dream Decibels. With a complete, cohesive flow from start to finish, Dream Decibels takes you through the spectrum of human experience, to the stars and cosmos beyond, and then gently carries you back down to earth with their final song “Back Home.” Every…

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    Helicon-“Helicon”(Self Titled)

    And like an ancient painting the sun peaks through the high aired fog. We collectively stare off into the culmination of work no one ever had any intention of admiration. Each one of us must follow a path. Whether it be by our decision or another we follow. The idea that we’re in front is false. Helicon takes on the…

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    Red Daggers “Early Grave” Track Review

      The Red Daggers’ new track “Dressed in White” is a creeping, crawling experience. A reverb soaked nightmare peephole into their forthcoming album Early Grave. Featured musicians are Peter McNestry on vocals, guitar, synths, and drums; Jesse James on vocals, guitar, and synths; and Mellow Lizard on guitars. Get swept away to a blemished, unforgiving world of bleak unrecognized words…