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    The Love Dimension “Tree In The Seed” is a new six-cut EP

    “Tree In The Seed” is a new six-cut EP from amorphous San Francisco psych-collective The Love Dimension. A loosely-defined amalgamation of musicians, (they say they can appear with any configuration from ‘solo-acoustic’ to a full 11-member ‘expanded lineup’) this release finds The Love Dimension appearing in our cosmos as a septet. Since it’s just an EP, we’ll do a track-by-track review.  “I Promise You” features The Love Dimension’s usual arrangement of male vocals with female harmonies, plus a buzzing-guitar line that darts around the track like a wasp at a picnic. Sometimes it’s buried in the background, sometimes it’s buzzing menacingly right in your face. “Find A Way” kicks off with…

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    Underground Mayhem With Mike Glendinning Pow Magazine & The San Francisco Great Society May 2018

    Underground Mayhem with Mike Glendinning and MisterMcDougal from Shilsound Recording conduct the most comprehensive interview with Dennis Gonzales, the founder of Pow Magazine and Pow Presents, and the co-founder of The San Francisco Great Society. We discuss the ins and outs of running a publication, the history of how the publication started, and the building of the social media version. Also discussed are the ways bands should approach a magazine to get a review or an article about them, and the process of putting together music and art festivals. Following that, we announce the new managing editor of Pow Magazine, Sheena Salazar, and the future of Pow Magazine and Pow…

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    This is the first radio show about me stepping down from POW MAGAZINE after seven years. I explain why I am leaving POW magazine. A successor has been chosen and will be announced on the 15th of April. Dennis Gonzales Founder of POW 2011 ~ 2018 Pow Magazine celebrates its seventh year! Kim Walter from KZSU Stanford host a 35 minute program with the founder of POW MAGAZINE, Dennis Gonzales. From live music from Gathering of The Tribes #2 to live shows from POW and new music (Jimmy Dias, Daydream Machine, The Urges, The Asteroid No.4, The Green Door) plus what’s next for POW!