• Joel Gion
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    Like many of our staff, I have been a fan of Joel Gion and the Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM) for many, many years. Seven years ago, I saw Joel play live without the BJM for the first time. He was performing as Joel Gion and The Primary Colours. The band performed in my hometown of San Jose, California at a…

  • Joel Gion
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    Joel Gion: The POW Interview

    Anton's songwriting that longevity-wise, we are starting to (gulp) become the Rolling Stones of indie psych rock or something. The big difference is, at this point in the Stones career they were turding out Voodoo Lounge, where as Anton is right now today at a creative spike.

  • Death Valley Girls - Under the Spell of Joy
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    Suicide Squeeze released ‘Under The Spell of Joy’ October 2, 2020

    Death Valley Girls fourth coming album ‘Under The Spell of Joy’ invites you to follow their psychospiritual mantras and melodies to transcend your worldly woes and embrace the glorious power that is manifesting JOY. Energetically, DVG captured that spirit with liberating chants, haunting choirs, saxophonic melodies, organ lines, fuzzed out/hypnotic guitar, throbbing bass, and booming drums. The album title comes…

  • Mugstar Graft
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    Mugstar Graft

    Graft is an instrumental progressive psychedelic rock and post rock album that plots a course through hyperspace. The music guides the listener into deep spaces beyond the Earth traveling into sonic realms of distorted density, unexpected progressive transitions and quiet moments of otherworldly weirdness. With over 15 years of experience Mugstar are seasoned innovators and Graft is easily one of…