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Babylon K- The Kasbah Experience EP

Babylon K expand their subconsciousness in the comfort of their garage on their new EP The Kasbah Experience. We’ve got Daniele “el Blanco” Dainelli on lead vocals, Giacomo “Jimbo” Goffo and Cheri on Guitars, and Emanuele Bitossi on bass. Their first release was a self titled EP released in 2015 but it’s here on The Kasbah Experience EP that we witness all members really coming into their own. It may be a grimy filthy experience but you’ll never grow without getting your hands covered in an unwashable substance that grows on you until you love it.

“Lysergic Surgery” creates an all encompassing atmosphere with its beach soaked aura reminiscent of what The Wytches were doing back in 2014 with a greater sense of apocalyptic mayhem. The slow burning “The Run” spews its tale that’s alluring at first, both in story and through its sonics, until it knows how engulfed you are. Leaving everything behind because even if you return to that world you’re already too far gone. My personal favorite track “Calm Blue” is so distant and hypnotic i found myself dazing off into the void of nothing where our reality truly lies. It’s like they summoned The Black Angels and The Dandy Warhols and jammed with them. “Pysch 2” is by far the most vicious in execution. With its seductive execution it forces your senses around its finger until you’re completely under its spell. Wrapping everything up is “Bengala”. It takes every little aspect seen before and binds them all together in a nice convenient little package.Babylon K never need a swift punch to your skull to trap you in their web but have truly mastered the art of punching through your pyshe into the ocean of everything inside of you. Opening the flood gates. Stepping back. And watching every once of your being drain from you.

Hopefully the wait for a full length album isn’t too long.


–┬áRichard Murray, Pow Magazine


I've been interested in music since a very young age. I was prone to ear infections when I was a baby and after long sessions with a doctor it was determined I would be deaf at a very early age from scar tissue. As a result my mother when play avant-garde music to me so I could hear a myriad of different sounds before that happened. Much to everyone's dismay, I could hear perfectly after the ear infections ended. But, my mom had inadvertently been put on a path of musical enlightenment. At 14 my 20 year old sister was attending Modest Mouse in Omaha, Nebraska with The Shins as an opener. I begged her to take me with her and she decided that would be my birthday present and took me. I was completely blown away by the experience. I wanted more and more of any live music I could find. in Wellington, Kansas my options were a tad limited. I attended Weezer, Nine Inch Nails, Ladytron, Placebo shows but I was getting bored with everything mainstream. But everything changed when The Kills rolled through Kansas City. Seeing their dirty, smoke filled performance at The Midland Theater led me to look up more bizarre bands and further down the rabbit hole to finding newfound favorite such as Wolf Eyes and Slint. I began studying how exactly each genre made me feel. How each song sets a mood and tells a story. When I was about 26 I began writing for The Burning Beard. A doom, sludge, and heavy metal magazine based out of America and England and began my writing career. I met Dennis Gonzales at the 2014 Austin Psych Fest and we made a friendship centered around music. The next year we met again at the same festival and which led me to telling him about how I'd begun writing. He was interested to read my stuff and after a very short conversation he decided to let me on as a writing for POW! Magazine. Through his guidance my music spectrum as broadened significantly and I look forward to what I can hear in the future.