• Death Valley Girls - Under the Spell of Joy
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    Suicide Squeeze released ‘Under The Spell of Joy’ October 2, 2020

    Death Valley Girls fourth coming album ‘Under The Spell of Joy’ invites you to follow their psychospiritual mantras and melodies to transcend your worldly woes and embrace the glorious power that is manifesting JOY. Energetically, DVG captured that spirit with liberating chants, haunting choirs, saxophonic melodies, organ lines, fuzzed out/hypnotic guitar, throbbing bass, and booming drums. The album title comes from the text on a band t-shirt that Bonnie Bloomgarden(vocals/organ) wore while touring for five years straight from San Diego heavy psych rockers ‘Joy’. DVG took that maxim and built upon it to help guide you through this hallucinatory spell of an album. The ritual opening track ‘Hypnagogia’ envelopes the…

  • Mugstar Graft
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    Mugstar Graft

    Graft is an instrumental progressive psychedelic rock and post rock album that plots a course through hyperspace. The music guides the listener into deep spaces beyond the Earth traveling into sonic realms of distorted density, unexpected progressive transitions and quiet moments of otherworldly weirdness. With over 15 years of experience Mugstar are seasoned innovators and Graft is easily one of their best albums.

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    High Energy Psychedelic Garage Rock Frankie and The Witch Fingers – Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters

    Frankie and The Witch Fingers Monsters Eating People is a psychedelic garage rock album with electric energy coursing through its’ veins. Monsters Eating People Eating is a powerful album with everything a garage and psychedelic rock enthusiast could ever want including fuzzy guitars, charged riffs, experimental jams and interesting vocals and lyrics.

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    Debut Sonically Charged Album Tombstone Eyes – Land In The Sky Review

    Tombstone Eyes based in Chicago, Illinois, USA performs heavy psychedelic blues with classic heavy metal chugging riffs and ripping guitar solos. The music combines classic 1970’s heavy metal with space rock, and drudgey stoner rock. The band excels in the extended instrumental passages where the sound grows into grinding peaks. The album also peels back the layers of instrumentation for spacey sonic atmospheres. Tombstone Eyes released their first informal demos in 2018 and Eyes Land In The Sky is their first full length album. Land In The Sky has sci-fi themes especially on the 16 minute track “Solar Barge” which pushes the listener through the Earth’s ozone into the cosmos.…