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    Celebrating A Decade of Music

    Though POW Magazine’s full history goes back several decades, its online presence began in 2011 after Editor-In-Chief/founder Dennis Gonzales’ “POW Magazine Anthology”, a radio documentary on KFJC 89.7FM about the original fanzine, sparked a renewed interest and excitement in POW and in the Bay Area music scene. Dennis was inspired to give POW new life, creating a website and social media presence for a new, modernized POW magazine on April 15th, 2011.  POW has covered music, art, political and cultural events all over the world. In 2015, POW and The San Francisco Great Society presented Gathering of The Tribes, a psychedelic music and art festival featuring over a dozen bands…

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    Occult Stereo Free Roam Syndrome

    Occult Stereo Free Roam Syndrome Occult Stereo of San Francisco, California plays psychedelic krautrock experimental music. The latest album from Distant Spore singles are titled, Free Roam Syndrome. The music is layered and in constant transformation. The free and fluid sound is unique and inspired. This pair of singles are not your typical radio promo but instead are works of sonic art that challenge the listener and reward the curious. This is an album that is hard to categorize and difficult to describe because of its originality. The album created by Alex Elipoulos is about the theme of freedom. This shows through in the album with a free music approach…

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    Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (SOYFV) Massive Evolution On Good Goddamn

    SOYSV – Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – Good Goddamn SOYSV also known as Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor’s newest album Good Goddamn has arrived with quality sound, dynamic compositions, strong singles and vocal forward songwriting. The album is a reflection of the psychological and emotional toll of the covid-19 reality displaying a disjointed and scattered state of mind. The songs transition from stripped down guitar, bass, and drum with alternative rock vocals to dense layers of instrumentation. Good Goddamn is about the joy of living and the pain of being alive in trying times. The first single from the new album ‘She Makes A Great Parade’ features echoing vocals,…