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IXZHILION: Kraut rock from outta this world

The year is 2022, and we are not living in the future that I wanted. There’s a seemingly never-ending pandemic still going on, live shows keep getting cancelled, Taylor Swift and Adele are causing vinyl I actually want to be delayed forever….it’s a drag. But, luckily there is one band who just released a debut that I can only sum up as “music for the future I want to be living in”.

IXZHILION is that band. So far, the band has released 4 songs- their debut single, “ANKIMILION”, along with “IXZHILION” 1”, “GOATMEALION”, and “SIGNS OF IXZHILION”. Is it kraut rock? Is it post punk? Psych? Perhaps something entirely different? Tough to categorize, but it’s great. Most of these songs clock in around 5-7 mins long- I’m generally not a big fan of the super long jam, but none of these tunes had me bored.

My favorite of the tracks released thus far is definitely “GOATMEALION”. The tune is fully rocking from start to finish, and is paired with a perfectly glorious music video. The video is a masterpiece- I love every second of this 7 minute party in space and I would absolutely ride on a spaceship with these guys.

The band even has its own cheeky lore which goes along perfectly with the video:

 “Beyond far away stars and distant galaxies, out where no human has ever gone before. The crew of the ixzhilion 1 is preparing for the ascend into an unknown world.Time is running out as Mother earth is dying and in attempts to save the human race, expeditions and rangers are venturing out into deep space in search of new planets, planets where humans can settle and where they might find a new home. Only guided by Hope and vague signs, the crew of ixzhilion 1 has been tasked to seek out remote and mysterious territories of the vast cosmos and to explore the far away region known as Orion. On the borders of the final frontier, they make their flight through the deep dark abyss in one final attempt to give hope to planet earth and to save the human race from extinction.”

Looking forward to what else this band has to offer us and hopefully a full length release. If the future sounds like this then we’re in good hands.

Check out the video for “GOATMEALION”:

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