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Pow Magazine New Music Newsletter #1

This article features 10 new singles by awesome bands!!!

Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Electricide

Frankie And The Witch Fingers have released the first single ‘Electricide’ from their upcoming album. Frankie and The Witch Fingers are from L.A. California and have been playing high energy psych rock music since 2013. This is a hard working band that is constantly on tour and has opened for Osees, ZZ Top, and played large music festival world-wide. They are an underground band that will send electricity through your veins.

‘Electricide’ comes fast and heavy with punk, garage and psych rock sounds. The vocals slap back with heavy echo and the whole song is fast and engaging.

Moon Duo – Live At Levitation

Moon Duo is a psychedelic rock band that started in San Francisco, CA with Wooden Ships front man Ripley Johnson. Live at Levitation has music from their early days playing live at levitation fest in 2012 on the A side and 2014 on the B side. This album captures the psyche out atmosphere of the festival. The guitars are drenched in fuzz with free flowing solos that have made Ripley Johnson and all his projects favorites of the psych scene. Moon Duo has released incredible albums over the years and live at levitation has them in their gritty raw form with cosmic synth and rising guitars that go way far out.

Acid Dad – Get Me High

Acid Dad of New York has released multiple albums of psyched out alternative garage rock and each release surpasses the last. Their live performances are not to be missed as heard on the B side of the single. ‘Get Me High’ is the latest single from the band and captures their rock sound with swirling synth, plucked guitars have a slight 90s vibe. The vocals are airy and compelling with alt sounds. This track has nods to shoegaze with atmospheric reverbs shimmering in the mix washing in the background. ‘Get Me High’ is another excellent song from Acid Dad bringing hype to their next full length.

Galactapus – The Lustful Arts

Galactapus satisfies the part in all of us that seeks the strange, creative and weird side of human nature. Their cultish sound is psychedelic and the music video is sure to make the mushrooms tingle. ‘The Lustful Arts’ is a single off of the album The Rainbow Of Wrong. The music is art house creative and designed to challenge the listener to open their mind to new and interesting sounds. From Synths, to hand percussion, chocked vocals, acoustic guitars and an overall monster vortex vibe. Enter the abyss with Galactapus.

The WRS – Capicua

The WRS are a garage rock band with reverb heavy fuzz guitars. Their music is high energy with nods to punk, psych rock and stoner rock. Capicua is the second album from this fresh inspired new band from Charleroi, Belgium.

Their first self-titled album was released in 2020 on Rockeril Records (Belgium) and Salty Dog Records (AU). The debut album was psychedelic, surfy, with DIY garage rock sounds. The album established their signature high octane retro sound with extended guitar instrumental sections with atmospheric levels of echo and fuzz that get far-out.

Lemurian Folk Songs – Maro

Lemurian Folk Songs released their psychedelic rock album Maro in 2017 and have reissued it on vinyl for the first time. The band is from Budapest Hungary and has a unique sound that is not to be overlooked. The guitars are overdriven with distortion and kick into wah echo fuzz guitar solos that every psychedelic rock fan yearns for. Lemurian Folk Songs utilizes loud and quite dynamics with expert timing build a smokey haze and blowing it out with sections of high energy rock. The female vocals from Benus Kriszti are rhythmic and enchanting with a 60s underground psych sound. The Maro thrives in long songs with room to allow their talented guitarist to explore and jam out.

Lemurian Folk Songs album Maro is an excellent album and well deserving of a vinyl pressing. Maro has all that contemporary psychedelic music fan could want mellow moody sections, heavier psychedelic guitar solos and retro female vocals. They are summer of love with a heavy dose of dark and heavy rock.

ALiX – Last Dreamer

ALiX’s fifth album Last Dreamer which displays rock prowess in heavy psychedelia, garage rock, psych blues and alternative rock. It has been 9 years since ALiX’s last album and the have return without missing a beat. Last Dreamer has all the fixings of a magic potion weaving spells of contemporary psychedelic rock. They play music that is driven, dark, energized and have found a sound that is their own. The vocals are unique and wonderful and set the band apart from others in the genre. The red hot guitars, tight drum and bass give the music everything needed to bring listeners into their spell.

UWUW – ‘Scattered Ashes’

‘Scattered Ashes’ is the first track on the album and the first single. The style has staccato guitar lines with splashy reverb, an upbeat horn section, and synth keyboards that make some wild sounds for a unique sonic texture. The male vocals are relaxed and follow the key changes with backing harmonies and tuning single note guitar lines to bolster the melodies. The song has a bridge which opens into progressive rock sounds and building layers of instruments that break into discordant keyboards. The overall effect of the music is a song that starts up beat and shifts in a progressive and innovative direction ending with oscillating echos and reverbs in reverse.

Under The Sun ‘Ocean Breeze’

‘Ocean Breeze’ is described by the artist as shoegaze and experimental. The soundscapes have an electronic feel with near ambient washes of warm tones with delays, loops and reverbs. ‘Ocean Breeze’ has a team like quality with vocals very distant to create appealing human tones that are indistinguishable. The sounds are like watercolor brushstrokes layered together to make a sonic painting with richness and depth of field. The looping synth line and beat machine bring the song back to land with a grounding effect adding energy to the relaxing instrumentation. The mastering of this unique and original song was done by shoegaze pioneer Simon Scott of Slow Dive.

Mount Jacinto ‘The Way Out’

Mount Jacinto released their new single ‘The Way Out’ on February 16th 2023 on Taxi Gauche Records! Along with an artistic music video by Costa Rican film maker Sebastian Blanco. This inspired song is a blend of folk rock, pop and shoegaze with smooth and beautiful vocals from lead singer Sonia. The rhythm guitar has an 80s vibe with shoegaze tones summoning Stevie Nicks along with a slide guitar enhancing the spacious and open sound. The production and tones are clear and present. The songwriting is compelling and ‘The Way Out’ makes a strong first single for the upcoming EP ‘Outward Signs’ to be released on March 24th 2023. This song will appeal to fans of Sharron Van Etten, Habibi, Au Revoiir and Simone.

Fearful Symmetry – The Difficult Second

Fearful Symmetry’s album The Difficult Second is a delight for those seeking underground progressive rock with world music fusion. Their performances are tight and flawless with the whole band displaying impressive skill. They work together as a cohesive unit and have created an album with variety and inspired songs.

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