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Sonic Boom Sets the Standard For Psych Music Production

Sonic Boom Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough

Sonic Boom’s latest release is an inspired album that features brilliant sound design from the founder of Spacemen 3 and famed producer Peter Kemberwho is Sonic Boom. The songs are upbeat, positive, droning with psychedelic electronics. The vocals, infused with layers of perfectly balanced modulations and effects with inspirational lyrics. The sound on Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough is incredible every sound is finely crafted with balanced tones and artistic flare.

The lyrics and vocal melodies are mantric with repeating lines of uplifting lyrics. Positive reinforcement using thoughts to imagine a better world is the message of the album. Sonic Boom is a true psychedelic loving peacenik with lyrics that feel like neuro-linguistic programming mixed with poetry intended to describe the psychedelic experience. ‘Make It About (The Way That You Live)’ sums up the message and theme of the album with the line, ‘Make it about the way that you live, make it about the love that you give.

Just imagine (Remix)’ states, ‘Imagine you’re with a long lost friend, imagine seeing them again, just imagine all the places that changed, imagine they came back again.’ On ‘I Can See The LightSonic Boom moves into describing synesthesia saying, ‘I receive and I send, communications bend, I can feel time bend, I can hear light bend.’

Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough is a remix of the 2020 album All Things Being Equal. The remix is cohesive, inspired and as good if not better than the highly praised original.  The songs melodies remain the central pillar of the album but the remix casts a new liquid light show of warm analogue lighting over its surface. The latest album also includes a new songs on the vinyl titled ‘Tick Tock’ and ‘I Wish It Was Like Xmas Everyday (A Little Bit Deeper)’. 

Sonic Boom was in charge of the remix staying wary of cross genre mixing and keeping a cohesive message by handling the remix himself. Truly, no one can produce an album in the same way as Peter Kember (Sonic Boom). He has production credits on hundred of albums in various genres. He is known for his warm analogue approach and psychedelic style. The only criticism is that the album sounds very similar to the original album All Things Being Equal but with new sounds, a new songs, and a more atmospheric approach with longer sections of loops.

Sonic Boom Peter Kember’s Influential History

Peter Kember is from the UK and is a pioneer in psychedelic rock and electronic music. He founded Spacemen 3 along with Jason Pierce in 1982. Their original albums were noisy, wild, edgy, psychedelic rock with electronic elements. They were highly artistic and had a unique vision for their music. The band reached in many directions moving from rock to electronic to looping drone and everywhere in-between. Spacemen 3 are the original creators of shoegaze drone rock style along with Jesus and Mary Chain. Their sound had the electronic punk of Suicide, attitude of The Velvet Underground and experimentation of Krautrock. 

He went on to start the band Spectrum in 1990 which was a 90s alternative 60s garage rock band. They released several singles which graced the airwaves on MTV and opened for My Bloody Valentine. Jason Pierce of Spacemen 3 went on to form Spiritualized. Peter Kember went on to focus on sound design and album production, credited on a range of albums including bands MGMT, Yo La Tango, Beach House, Panda Bear, Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips, Sonic Jesus, The Vacant Lots, and more.

Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough is a great album. The music moves with the flow and auditory distortions of a psychedelic trip. Sonic Boom has always been an advocate for the psychedelic experience and says his music is trying to express the feeling and moving landscapes of the psychedelic experience. While drug abuse and addiction have caused long-term detriment to health and has led to the death of many in the music community; psychedelics have managed to disassociate themselves from addictive drugs as psychedelics are non-addictive and are increasingly being hailed for their beneficial effects on depression, anxiety, and trauma resolution.

Few artists are as proficient at production as Sonic Boom. His mixes and original music have highest quality sound. The songs are refined, creative and dawns rich sound that few albums display. The sound quality on Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough is clear and beautiful even at the highest volumes with the best most articulate stereo systems.

The vinyl release or the quality wav files will allow the listener to experience the best sound quality. The limited edition vinyl release is deluxe with embossed shining foil sleeve, full color insert, a 24″ x 12″ poster, download card with additional tracks and an incredible clear, purple and magenta splatter vinyl. Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough is the complete package and the visual arts associated with the release are as refined and considered as the music. $1 from every album purchase (physical and digital) benefits, a charity specializing in environmental repair & green ecological practice.

The music is catchy and upbeat with brilliant depth. Closing the eyes and listening deeply provides an incredibly moving and transcendent sonic experience. Sonic Boom is setting the standard for sound in the psychedelic rock genre which is on full display on All Things Being Equal, Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough and on the Moon Duo album Stars Are The Light where he is credited with the mix. Sonic Boom is an artist to follow and this latest release sees his creative skill at its most refined.

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