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The Next Generation of Folk at its Finest: Josh OKeefe’s Newest Album Bloomin’

Up until now, Pow Magazine has been known for our unwavering support of underground, psychedelic, garage rock music. Even so, for the last few years we have been thinking to venture out a bit and start representing the new generation of folk singers. We’ve decided here at Pow that now is the time; so here we go, let’s give some much-needed love and support to this massively underrepresented genre in the world of modern music. Given there is no better time than the present, let’s start off this new folk adventure with a review of Josh Okeefe’s newest album—Bloomin’. Having already been praised by The Irish Times, The Journal of Roots Music, and The American Songwriter, I was eager to give it a listen.

Josh OKeefe

Josh Okeefe is folk at its finest— his newest album is reminiscent of early Dylan and Cohen—it’s melancholic, familiar, deep, and yet incredibly comforting—listening to it is like receiving a warm embrace from someone you haven’t seen in a very long time, yet are very much in love with. A feeling I imagine most of us have experienced at some point during our lifetimes.

Okeefe combines beautiful, meaningful lyrics with a gentle melody, lending to an emotional journey which opens us up to the next generation of folk singers. While listening, I started contemplating a lot of things in my life— mainly the choices I have already made, this fleeting moment in time, and most importantly the choices I have yet to make. Anyone who listens will undergo a similar emotional experience, which may have you confronting things you would prefer to not contemplate too deeply.

After listening to the album, I felt overwhelmed with emotion— I didn’t know whether to start sobbing, to confess and tell the people I love how I truly feel, or to start writing the next “On the Road Again” after beginning my own path to self-discovery. I haven’t quite made up my mind which I’ll choose—but I’ll be sure to let the POW readers know before anyone else. 

So grab a warm cup of coffee (you’re going to need it), prepare to be confronted, and watch Okeefe’s new music video “We’re all the Same” with me:

Josh Okeefe, “We’re All The Same” (5th Ave. Nashville, TN)

Review written by Isabella Moulton– a stylist and designer by day, and aesthetic aficionado by night. For inquiries, please contact her at: | Keep it groovy <3

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