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Pow Magazine Interview with Twin Temple! Catching up since their performance and Ritual on Halloween Night at The Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood.

Interviewed by: Grace Dunn

G: Been meaning to talk about the Ritual that occurred Halloween night. Has Kansas Bowling been back to you with visions of Lilith or any sort of occult vitalization?

T T: Initiation of Neophytes is an intimate relationship, and Kansas has sworn her undying allegiance to Twin Temple, Satan, Glorious Lucifer, and Glorious Lilith. This includes oaths of secrecy to thee Coven, or she would have her tongue ripped out, and her flesh burned, her throat cut, and her heart impaled, and would be consumed on all sides by the Eternal Flames of Hell.

G: You have been booking shows with PLAG records, how do you feel Twin Temple supports the collective of musicians/bands that is Play Like A Girl (PLAG)?

T T: Twin Temple is a Satanic Feminist organization. And so, we support any and all organizations that seek to liberate and create new spaces and opportunities for Feminists, Witches, Occultists, Outsiders, Satanists, Individuals, Rebel Angels, Atheists, or anyone who refuses to accept hypocrisy and the status quo. Play Like a Girl is one such exalted organization. We support their mission and thank them for their undying support.

G: Studio time: Are you currently working on your next release and when do you expect the release date?

T T: Yes- we recently wrapped our debut full length LP with Johnny Bell at Jazzcats studio in Long Beach. We completed the entire album live to tape in 2 days, it was one of our most exalted and treasured experiences on this Physical Plane thus far, thanks to Mr. Bell’s profound mastery of his craft. We plan to release it this spring.

G: Reflecting on this past year with moments of apocalyptic-like news, what sort of spiritual advice would you give listeners that connect with your music? Should they adopt your Satanic Coven?

T T: Absolutely. We have seen apocalyptic news, and yet, we have seen inklings of a turning of the tide. For thousands of years, Witches such as ourselves have been burned at the stake on the sole principle of sexual power, heretical ideologies, or simply the desire to question hypocritical authority. Finally, we see some individuals being held accountable for their true actions— such as Harvey Weinstein. Out of despair, comes hope.

As far as spiritual advice, we would quote the words above the Temple of Delphi- To Thine Own Self Be True . We do not seek to bend the Will of others. Our fundamental tenet for existence is simply to be true to our own Will, and never violate the Will of others.

We do not solicit anyone to join our Satanic Coven, but if there are individuals who seek to commune with us, we welcome everyone from all backgrounds. We seek and value diversity amongst the Coven, and for those who are interested, it is a wonderful way to join a community of interesting individuals from around the world.

G: You mentioned Lilith is symbol of empowerment, could you describe how she connects and fuels Twin Temple?

T T: The story of Lilith is a parable, like the story of Lucifer. She is an archetypal symbol. Lilith was the first woman of the world— she came into existence before Eve. She was not made of Adam’s Rib, but of the very same dirt from which Adam himself was created. She refused to obey, or subjugate herself, sexually or otherwise to Adam, God, or any other oppressive rule. As she was created as an equal, she did not feel that Adam’s demand that she only have sex underneath him was reasonable. She willingly courted the serpent of knowledge.

For thousands of years, the profound sexual, Magickal power we hold as women has been feared and violated. We have been called witches, we have been burned alive, we have been subjugated, abused and silenced. To this day, we see these same crimes committed against us.

Twin Temple celebrates Lilith, and we celebrate all women, and on a broader level, all who struggle to free themselves from the constraints of oppression. We exalt Lilith as a symbol of equality, independence, self-respect, inquiry, intelligence, and the wildly powerful nature of femininity.

G: Astrologically speaking, what placement of Lilith is in each of your natal charts? Do you connect Satanism with Astrology or feel they should not intermix when seeking spiritual guidance?

T T: We would equate Lilith with Saturn, or Capricorn of the Zodiac, once again affirming her collusion with Satan. Personal horoscopes can shed light on aspects of ourselves. As Satanists we seek to understand and expand the many facets of ourselves, additional insight is always welcomed. Other forms of astrology may also be employed for Magickal workings such as moon phases, planetary days, and hours.





Grace is a Los Angeles-based photographer that has contributed to Pow Magazine since 2015. In 2015, she contributed photo feature on Death Valley Girls for CSUN Sundial, her college newspaper. She specializes in interviews/photography for local and traveling bands in LA. She works in digital and film format. She has participated in side poster promotion volunteer work for Austin Psych Fest, contributed to A LOVE THAT'S SOUND (Vancouver, BC based) for Desert Daze coverage, and recently JANKY SMOOTH (LA) coverage of Midnight Mass in Long Beach. Her coverage stretches to shows in Orange County (Fullerton/Santa Ana) for past festivals such as Burgerama. She has an affinity for new found music based out of labels like Captured Tracks, Permanent Records, Dais Records, Fuzz Club Records, In The Red Records, Astrolizard Records, BuFu Records to name a few. She continues to seek out emerging bands to catch her interest ranging from garage bratty punk rock n roll to electro/synth noise.