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Baroque pop at its finest: HIGH TATRAS’ release their new single “Soft Leather (Dead Line)”

“Soft Leather (Dead Line)” sounds like a musical grab bag. Let’s be clear here, not the shitty grab bags from the mall you used to beg your parents to buy as a kid—the cool grab bags that keep you guessing and are filled with amazing, yet unexpected things. So, what’s inside the HIGH TATRAS’ grab bag? Well it changes every time you put your hand inside. Don’t worry, nothing will bite you—well maybe just gently, but who doesn’t like that every now and again?

“Soft Leather (Dead Line)”

The single has elements of Billy Idol, 80s new wave, dream pop and modern trance. It’s an eclectic mix, but balances out like a smooth scotch on the rocks. While keeping the spirit of the group alive, “Soft Leather (Dead Line)” is a more upbeat, mature creation from the HIGH TATRAS, whose previous releases were a bit deeper and heavier. What else can I say? It’s like an exploding candy full of emotion and depth—everyone wants a taste.


The single is set to release on July 28th, 2021. Stay tuned for album updates. Check out their Bandcamp here: https://hightatras.bandcamp.com/

Review written by Isabella Moulton– a stylist and writer by day, and aesthetic aficionado by night. For inquiries, please contact her at: theeccentricbourgeoisie@gmail.com

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 My musical interests predominately centre on what was produced in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but I also appreciate more modern bands as well. Something happened during this time musically and artistically which can never be recreated; it was like a sonic boom of creativity. I am drawn to the fashion, art films (Especially Nouvelle Vague and Giallo) and the records which were produced during this magical period in history. I have a soft spot for 1960’s garage, glam rock and of course French Playboy singers. My top picks include: T. Rex, Jacques Dutronc, Nino Ferrer, The Doors, Joe Dassin, the Kinks and Jacqueline Taieb. I adore modern bands which take the musical energy created in previous decades and build on it; some of my favourites are the Triptides and Mystic Braves. Show me your record collection and I’ll show you mine. Know some great band I should listen to? Get in contact! I’m always looking to expand my musical horizons.