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SexyPigDivas!- “Gods And Rituals” EP Review


Innovative groove makers SexyPigDivas! are a trio comprised of Katie and Nick hailing from Kent, Ohio. Gods & Ritual Objects was released in November of 2016. And has been capturing the imagination of not only music fans, but even film makers ever since. “Gods and Rituals” EP.

Beginning everything is the instrumental “Beautiful Aftermath”. It’s an electric Garden of Eden soundscape free of any corrosion or death. Like a synthetic cloud that’s equally beautiful and mesmerizing. Katie lends her vocals to “I Miss You”. Each verse and sound as seductive as a siren wrapping you up so tight around their little finger. “I Miss You T(w)O(o)” plays off the previous track effortlessly. If the siren you were being wrapped around then pulled you off slowly. It’s winding and mysterious in its execution. Almost like this beautiful world they’ve created has something far more sinister just beginning to peck out. You wait in horrors and anticipation for what’s next. Growing even bleaker, but no less lovely, is the instrumental tracksĀ  “Let Them Speak” and “Temperature”. This whole new world is darkened now. You can feel the creatures of it surrounding you and you’re paralyzed with fascination. Both track really engulf you never in an exhausting way, but rather one that’s so captivating. The jangling guitar is the backbone of “White Collar Criminal”. It’s almost swashbuckling. Eerie voices can be heard in the background giving these fragmented passages and shrieks. Once again, everything is so left field you’ll find yourself searching for some semblance of understanding. Nick adds downright evil vocals with “You’re Swimming in the Barrel I’m Shooting”. The notes are sharp as knives that send shivers down your spine every second. Making your hair stand on end. ‘We’ve been watching you’ is repeated over and over again. Dread is completely set in. And you’ve been found in a world you couldn’t escape. And possibly weren’t wanted in the first place.

Richard Murray

POW! Magazine