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RoseInStereo – Lost Hits EP

RoseInStereo – Lost Hits EP

RoseInStereo – Lost Hits EP was released on May 10th 2022 on all streaming platforms.

RoseInStereo is a rock band from San Francisco with melancholic west coast grunge era sounds. Their songs have catchy melodies that bounce between guitar and vocal melodies. They have a lo-fi home-baked tone that has hints of retro style. RoseInStereo has excellent artwork to accompany their various singles and EPs.

RoseInStereo released their first singles in 2020 and Lost Hits is their first EP. This emerging band has a lot to offer in terms of songwriting and instrumentation. They are a four piece band with two guitars, vocals, drums and bass. The drummer effectively employs simple rhythms, bass lines add complexity while giving low-end melodic drive. The guitars are primarily electrics with sweet clean tones that have a hint of reverb and can be pushed to breakup. The guitars are strummed or are walking single note arpeggios. The lead guitar lines are lightly overdriven and follow the main melodic line that is shared by the vocals. There is additional instrumentation on ‘With Love and Squalor’ featuring organs, effected guitars and additional percussion.

‘Moon In Cancer’ is the first single from the album and features additional production with horn sections and swirling modulated effects in the background. It has a forward bass line that carries the melody between vocal lines. This song effectively utilizes backing female backing vocals that help bolster the male lead vocal lines. The guitar lines are smooth and silky with chorus and reverb. The song feel like a soothing balm for a gloomy day. Instruments move in and out of the mix creating sections that are stripped back which then build into layered instrumentation during the bridge.

Every song on the album has popular appeal for the alternative rockers. This is because their use of melodies and intelligent arrangements will makes heads bob and will plant a few repeating choruses in the mind of the listeners.

The vocals bring the listener back to the grunge in a purely west coast style. There is folk-rock and psychedelic flourishes peppered throughout the EP that gives the music a connection to the 60 and 70s San Francisco psychedelic sound. The tone of the vocals is clean perfect for those gentle rainy days. The Lost Hits EP is a mellow album that shares attributes with bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Temple Of The Dog, Mother Love Bone and other mellow bands from the late 80s and early 90s. The best things about this EP is the contemporary feel mixed with retro West Coast sounds from the late 80s and 90s. The chorus guitars, single note melodies, thoughtful rhythm guitar parts and the calm and laid back male vocals define their sound. RoseInStereo uses vocal harmonies from the female bands members that add harmonic charm to the music. They take on a slow smooth groove with a psychedelic melocholy.

RoseInStereo Lost Hits EP

5 song EP. 2022 / Released May 10, 2022

-All songs written and recorded by Mario Cataruzolo.
-‘Summer Smash’ recorded with Rex John Shelverton.
-Additional guitar on ‘Summer Smash’Rex John Shelverton
-Additional vocals – Amaranta Canizal
-Saxophone on ‘Moon In Cancer’ Shorty Ramos