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Gathering of The Tribes: The Third Revolution

On a beautiful Sunday, beautiful people of San Francisco came together and celebrated our art, our music and the love. This year we gave tribute to original 1967 gathering and showcased the latest rock n roll and psych rock bands and visual artists from the San Francisco Bay Area and the world listened thanks to Radio Valencia’s live broadcast. This was a critical milestone event for our community and San Francisco Great Society as we look forward to expanding next year. The Second Renaissance opens the door to other happenings in 2018 and the next Gathering of The Tribes event. Our team and Public Works made this year’s event an experience to remember for years to come.

Gathering of The Tribes
Gathering of The Tribes

Although GOTT #2 is over for us, I still need to wrap up the festival this week and we have a wealth of resources to go over to showcase online the music and the art of San Francisco for music patrons that missed a great event and for music patrons that want to relive the experience. Sign up for our e-newsletter for GOTT #2 updates.

Thank you for your support for the scene and The San Francisco Great Society.
Gathering of The Tribes: The Third Revolution will be happening in 2018. We will see you in nine months.

Dennis Gonzales
SFGS Festival Coordinator